February 17th, 2011


Up? Yes.

It's cold in the house, so I've fired up the furnace. Marilyn is already out the door at 7:15. She has a super-long day in front of her, which includes a trip to Astoria, Oregon (!!!). With the current inclement weather, that will probably include encountering SNOW. The three going will be taking HER car -- but she made it clear that if they hit snow it will NOT be her driving (thank God). I'll say a prayer to Saint Michael to watch over them, personally...

The cats weren't anxious to get up. Too early and too cold for them, as yet!

I plan for a busy day, as well, as with all the IT yesterday I didn't get much of my 'To Do' list done. (sigh) But for now, I'm headed back for a snuggle in the blankets. (grin)

Meanwhile, the OWNERSHIP issue regarding all LiveJournal communities continues, with the latest wrinkle of VOTING for who should be owner. I'm still stunned to see the TRUE owners frequently not included in those to be voted on, but I guess those who get voted in could always transfer ownership back again (hopefully???). It still seems very wrong to me to steal away a community that someone else created. I guess we'll see how it goes!

By the way, have I mentioned that Marilyn and I are making a serious effort to get more sleep by going to bed earlier?

Our goal is to be in bed by 1:00 a.m. We've made that a few times, but more often are in bed by 1:30, which I think is pretty good -- especially for us! It's honestly been years and years since we went to bed by that hour...

On that note, good morning! I'll see you all again just a little bit later. Cats, here I come!!!