February 13th, 2011

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Saw "The Rite" -- Good Movie!

Marilyn and I went to the show just after 10:00 p.m. and saw the movie "The Rite," featuring Anthony Hopkins (as Father Lucas Trevant), (the very HOT) Colin O'Donoghue (as Michael Kovak) and our beloved Ciaran Hinds (as Father Xavier). It was an excellent film -- probably a disappointment to the mostly teenage crowd who appeared to be there to see a horror film. (smile)

(You should check out THIS ARTICLE for more about the basis for this movie -- it's really interesting stuff.)

Anyway, we had a GREAT Saturday! How about you?

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Happy Weekend!

Funny, but being in the hospital this past week really made me appreciate HOME even more than ever -- and mind you, I always love home! But I guess being away from home quickly reminds me just how happy I am to have my home, by which I mean my sister Marilyn, my cats and our house (plus everything inside it).

Anyway, we did work Saturday -- but we were both glad to have done that (as I mentioned before). We love the work we do, so no matter how hard it is, we can remain positive about it. We put in a lot of hours all year round, but we know we're lucky to have these jobs, doing something we believe in so much.

And what a BLAST to go to the show last night! It's been ages since we saw a movie in a theater, and we really loved our choice.

Today we took a short ride up the Columbia River Gorge, something we always enjoy. And we slept and lazed around -- and I read my Kindle. In fact, while driving up the Gorge I downloaded "The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist," which is the book the movie "The Rite" is based on. How cool is it that as we were driving along I could just use my Kindle to DL the book? Then I read it out loud as we took our drive. Cool. We're both enjoying the book, by the way!

I'm going in to the office tomorrow, which isn't normal for me -- but necessary this week, I think. I made some changes to several computers in the office and there may be some drama, so I need to be there.

Anyway, I'm sure we'll be heading to bed soon. It's been a good day -- and a happy weekend!