February 7th, 2011

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One Hour Plus to Download. Really???

You've got to be kidding me! What downloads -- even software downloads -- take over an hour???

I admit I don't download things all that often (well, graphics, I guess -- and Kindle books), but still. Am I that out of it that I'm surprised by how long this DL is going to take? (It keeps bouncing from 1h 30m to 1h 27m and so on...)

By the way, I don't like it when applications want to use their OWN downloading tool. I mean, REALLY??? Is that really necessary? It always miffs me when I have to download something first in order to do the DL I actually want...

Well, I love starting my day with gripes like this (smile) -- but happily I have a cup of coffee to sip, so I'm good.

And I need the download, as I've got work to do that requires it! That's another story, but I'll save it for later.

Anyway, Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had nice weekends. Marilyn and I certainly enjoyed our Sunday, that's for sure.

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Short Story Recommendation: The Literary Remains of Thomas Bragdon

Last night I downloaded some more FREE books for my Kindle. By the way, I get most of these from Project Gutenberg, the first producer of free ebooks.

I select a good many of these randomly. And that's exactly what I did when downloading the book The Water Ghost and Others by John Kendrick Bangs.

Project Gutenberg provides ebooks for free in the United States because their copyright has expired. (They may not be free of copyright in other countries. Readers outside of the United States must check the copyright laws of their countries before downloading or redistributing our ebooks.)

I originally intended to share one of the stories here, but have decided against it. But I want to recommend the very last story in the book, which I enjoyed immensely! It is:

The Literary Remains of Thomas Bragdon

Even if you don't have a Kindle, you can happily read the book online at the link shared above. They share the book in numerous forms -- and you can easily view the Generated HTML version, which would allow you to cut and paste the story -- and print it out to read.

I'd love to discuss at length WHY I enjoyed this story, but I don't want to SPOIL for anyone who might be interested in checking it out, so I'll hold off for now...

I'm delighted by these less-well-known authors that I've encountered thanks to Project Gutenberg! I'm fairly sure I'd never have read even one of Bangs books, had I not 'discovered' it there. Now I've DLed several, and I suspect I'm in for many a treat...