February 5th, 2011

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Recommendation: Ditto

Wow, I really like Ditto, which is a very cool extension to the standard windows clipboard. (I'm kind of surprised I'm only now finding out about it...)

What does Ditto do? When you highlight and Copy something (put it on your clipboard), Ditto saves it and allows you to access it at a later time. How is this different from normal use of the clipboard? Good question! The exciting answer is that it will keep multiple items -- rather than just one (the most recent Copy).

I can't tell you how many times I've gone to paste something from the clipboard, only to find I've (stupidly) copied over the text I want! This happens to me a lot when Coding or blogging, where I'm gacking things constantly...

Ditto lets you save any type of info that can normally be put on your clipboard. It sits in the Systray (Win7: Notification Area) and is always available -- and doesn't appear to use much in the way of computer resources.

If you -- like me -- are always gacking things, then you should give this FREE application a try! (Check the above link for download info.)