February 3rd, 2011

busy caesar, busy

Board Meeting...

Our Board Meeting is over -- and it went very well.

Neither one of my laptops will WiFi, though. Very frustrating. (sigh) I can't even go there right now.

Carol has a weird problem that is clearly due to her new dual monitors. Her cursor is corrupted and displays incorrectly. I hope Kris can fix this, but I've no clue what to do...

Christy got more RAM today, as did two of the intern computers. Kris took the donation from Rosanna home to work on it. I should end up with one spare piece of equipment, which I'll probably need.

I was mostly busy with IT -- I got little of what I'd planned to do done, though. Oh well.

Mark was in and I ended up spending more time with him than I really had. But I love the guy. I really do. So whatever.

Exciting moment! Rich phoned me from the Verizon store on his new cell! He was so thrilled! Just like a kid on Christmas. I'm so happy for him! (He has the same phone as Marilyn, which is the upgrade of the phone I have.)

I colored my hair this morning and did website edits -- so it was busy, too. (No, I never went back to sleep after Marilyn woke me as she left.)

We got Greek olives and feta cheese from the deli and ate it with the Crumpet Bread that Jim (of PSSCA) brought for us when Marilyn saw him -- how considerate! We're hung up on the olives and cheese combo lately, and love having it with special breads. So it was a perfect dinner after the meeting.

We're both beat. Marilyn has tons of meetings again tomorrow. I'm supposed to go to Costco with sister Sue and get a new printer, which we need really, really bad...

I probably should go to work, but whatever.

Saturday is Court judging. I don't know if Marilyn wants me to go along or not, but I'm certainly willing to be there. I should take photos. I did that tonight at the Board Meeting, and I think I got some good shots...

Well, time for a nap!