January 31st, 2011


Happy Birthday, Sue!!!

Today is sister Sue's suzy_qp birthday. She and I just got back from going to lunch to celebrate (Mexican!!!), with Marilyn footing the bill... That was lovely.

She's been getting many wishes over at Facebook and via phone calls. And lots of friends and family have taken her out, given her gifts and greetings.

I hope you have a GREAT day (and wonderful week, what the heck) -- and the best year ever, Suzy!

Happy Birthday, Sue !

sick - NOT in bed


I've been sick all afternoon -- but not in bed. I was sitting on a towel much of the time. Yeah, that's totally TMI -- sorry about that! Just a fact... (And throwing up, too. Brother...)

I did get to go to lunch with sister Sue, though. (For her bday.) But got sick part way through. I'm glad she brought me home when she did!

I got some work done for the PSSCA website that Marilyn sent me. And I did a TON of IT stuff this morning, before going to lunch. Oh! I also got some festival website work done, as well. (Good thing, as there's a ton more to do...)

Now I'm shivering and sneezing and have aches and a headache. It sucks. I need to be at work the next two days, regardless.

Marilyn was actually home by 5:00 p.m. tonight -- which is a miracle, frankly. She still feels pretty lousy, so I think we're both headed to bed. (At least for now.) We each have work that needs to get done, but neither of us feels like it right now!

I hope some rest will improve the situation. It would be nice to stay healthy this year, as much as possible. But Marilyn and I don't let being sick keep us from working. So we'll get things done, one way or another.

I just feel YUCK right now. (sigh)