January 27th, 2011


Work Does Mix With Being Social!

I just had a lovely, long phone conversation with my friend Deb otherdeb in New York! Our first time talking, ever. What fun!

And earlier today I spoke with my friend Martha (who has an LJ blog but doesn't really 'play' here, as yet). Martha and I are going to try and get together soon (and I'll give her a lesson on using Facebook)...

And in between working on festival things and our home computers, I also talked to some other people (including Donn and sister Sue -- as well as people at the office).

Proving no matter how busy you are, you can still fit in a good and happy social life!

On the 'BAD news' side, one of my jump drives decided to die on me today. (sigh) It had loads of necessary software on it that I was trying to get on these new home computers... Now I'll have to hunt up the original CDs and downloads. (heavy sigh) What a pain.

Anyway, Marilyn and I did stay up to see the Australian Open tennis last night (until 4:00 a.m., mind you). It was a great match. And we've got more tonight, so I'm off for a nap.

More work tomorrow, of course. But happily it's Friday! I wonder if we can manage not to do any work over the weekend... (???) I'm not sure that's a realistic goal, considering the time of year, but maybe we'll try it, anyway! (grin)

Hope everyone is having a good week!