November 24th, 2010

computer, computer monitor

Remote Desktop? Not Working. (sigh)

I can't get logged in via Remote Desktop to my work computer!!! (sigh)

It's just SO ANNOYING when this happens! I think this is probably the result of a power surge, as Rosanna emailed to tell me her computer had been shut down (so it makes sense). This happens every so often, by the way. Usually it would mean I'd need to have somebody at the office physically go to my computer and restart it (often by pulling the plug, as much as I hate resorting to that). But it's not an option when the office is closed, like now. (It's past midnight, after all.) I do a lot of my work in the middle of the night...

FRUSTRATION. Okay, yeah. I need to get over it. (grin)

Meanwhile, Marilyn has been reading up on Civilization IV (the 'new' game she's been playing on her laptop). I'm glad the laptop is here to keep her from going nuts while her desktop computer is unavailable...

I don't know if Donn will be able to bring the towers to us tomorrow, by the way. The earliest might be Friday, I think.

I know it seems CRAZY to many of you how crippled the Pacific Northwest is by a tiny bit of snow and ice (and terribly COLD weather), but when you're not used to it -- and not prepared for it -- then it's the same as massive amounts for us.

Donn would have to use a very bad road to get to our house, and as I told him today, I'm not ready to risk him in any way in order to get our computers. It just doesn't make sense! I mean, it's not worth him being injured (or worse), or having him get in any kind of car accident.

In fact, I'm surprised people don't change their plans based on the weather! I get that it's Thanksgiving and they want to be with family, friends and other loved ones. But is it really worth injury or death to do that? Or even major inconvenience? I was appalled listening to children stuck in traffic for hours who needed to pee! That's a long time for anyone, but for kids? Awful.

Marilyn and I (and sister Sue) are changing our own plans based on the weather. It's sad not to have our traditional trip tomorrow, but hardly worth the risk. We'll do something else and make it fun, because that's what it's all about -- creating your good time whatever happens and wherever you are!

We'd manage to have fun even if we simply stayed home, by the way. Because it's about US, and not about where we go.

By the way, we have SO MUCH to be THANKFUL for! Yes, 2010 was a TOUGH year in many, many ways. Maybe the hardest year ever at work, for example. It hasn't been a great health year, either. But why dwell on all that? We're always thankful for our lives, remembering our blessings EVERY day. And gladly counting these up at this time of year...

Thanks to all my friends here at LiveJournal! You're truly one of the things I'm thankful for. I love you guys so much!

On that note, I do hope I get some actual WORK done tomorrow (!!!), considering how far behind I am. That would be something to be thankful for, too! (smile)


Work? Got Something DONE!

Go, ME!

I just got one of the really essential webpages done for the festival website. (Wow, does that take a load off my mind...)

So I've mentally checked it off my 'To Do' list -- and I'm feeling pleased, as this is always a complicated page to do. (It will need more than one update down the line, as it's about ticketing and we don't currently have all of that info.)

I've got more webpages I need to code. And I need to create an entirely NEW one, while I'm at it. That's a bit more complicated than just coding an existing page, by the way. But I've done it many times, so no biggie.