November 21st, 2010


My New Philips PD9000 Portable DVD Player

So, after wanting one since 2001, I finally bought a portable DVD player. (Marilyn encouraged me to get it, which I think was very nice of her!)

Actually, I got one one the day I went to Costco (as mentioned HERE) -- it was a Sony, and I hated it. It was probably broken, but whatever.

Anyway, I ended up taking it back. Then I bought this one at Freddies -- and the salesman helped me with the selection, happily!

Photo share!

Philips PD9000 portable DVD player

Philips PD9000 portable DVD player

Philips PD9000 portable DVD player

Philips PD9000 portable DVD player

Philips PD9000 portable DVD player

I like the way it looks, with the white and black case. The screen is wonderful, the sound is good and it seems to play really well. And that remote in the final photo? It's TINY. The remote for the Sony was huge and heavy. This one is tiny and thin and weighs almost nothing -- nice when you plan to take this from place to place...

I admit I haven't had a lot of time to play with it, yet. But I'm happy with what I've seen so far.

This will be fun to play lying down for a nap, and fun to take to work and play (on a headset). Oh, and fun to haul places, too.

It's actually pretty lightweight, by the way.

I've wanted it for almost a decade, and now I have it -- and it doesn't disappoint, I must say! Plus I got it on sale, which was also nice.

And do you like my DVD player icon? (smile)

the boys--2004

The 2010 American Music Awards (AMAs)

Okay! So how many of you watched the AMAs tonight???

The whole time they kept pimping out the NKOB BSB performance. After it was over, Marilyn said to me that she'd been hoping they'd open the show. Neither of us realized they were holding them off so they could END the show -- with a bang! We both thought it was really special to let them be last.

Okay, yeah, some of the singing was a little weak. A.J. doesn't have the voice he once had, I'm afraid (which was one of the best around in the day). I think he ruined it with smoking and booze, but it's not horrible -- just not great (as it used to be). And at one point Brian sounded nervous as hell, which surprised me. But Nick and Howie D. sang GREAT! (woo hoo)

Hey, it was Backstreet doing their thing with New Kids on the Block. Wow. Just, wow.

See what MTV said HERE.

2010 AMAs

2010 AMAs

And here's the YouTube of the performance.

I love The Boys. I really do. This was EXCITING!!!