November 19th, 2010

frightful weather

Marilyn Was Home Again Today...

Marilyn was sick enough to not even try going to work today (even though she did shower and wash her hair last night -- but she needed to do that no matter what).

She's been so miserable she hasn't even felt like sitting up, so I think it's a good sign that she's been sitting up at her desktop computer late tonight. I'm glad to see her having less pain and other discomfort, though she's been a bit dizzy now.

I hadn't read her blog ENTRY from Monday until last night, so I felt bad that so many of her plans for the week went awry. (sigh) Poor thing.

We'll probably end up working next Monday, which is okay -- as long as we can have the rest of the week off!

There's talk of SNOW (!!!) over the weekend. Don't want to go there, personally. It doesn't sound like there's much chance, so that probably means we'll get it for sure. I'd prefer a rainy winter over one with snow and another nasty-weather-type that shall remain nameless (I don't like combining a certain cold word with 'rain' -- shudder). I'm glad I got that jacket with the warm lining. Now I wish I had some decent footwear! (I've been living in sandals, which don't translate for snow...)

I didn't get on my desktop computer until really late in the day, so missed that sister Sue wanted me to call her. I'll have to phone her tomorrow, I guess...

We need a few random groceries, but have been managing to be fed just fine! We ordered pizza yesterday and had leftovers today. And we had bacon and tomato sandwiches both yesterday and today, but we're now out of bacon, tomatoes and mayo. I need creamer, but I've got a tiny bit left for now.

I took some photos of the yard yesterday that I need to share. It's amazing to me how nice the flowers look so late in the year!

The house seemed cold to both of us today, so we had the furnace turned up high enough that we needed to actually turn it down. (smile)

I have a bunch of work to tackle tomorrow, but I skipped it for today. I figure it can wait one day. I'm ahead on some of the website things (by months, actually), so I'm not worried in the least. But I need to get the ticket info up right away (Carol sent it to me today). And a few other things.

And what do I WANT to do? Play Zuma (I just got my highest score ever before starting this entry!) and make icons. Go figure. (grin)

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all have nice weekends!

Mom and Dad

"The Black Rose"

While I was typing my last entry, Marilyn turned on the movie "The Black Rose." It's based on the book by the same name.

That book? Mom gave it to me to read when I was a teen. It was a favorite of hers, and I ended up loving it, too. Seeing the movie makes me think of Mom in a fond way -- and the things we shared.

Mom and I didn't always get along, but it's funny how I tend to forget that now that she's gone. As I've said before, Marilyn and I look back and see the good in our past -- and avoid dwelling on the negative or bad. I think that makes us happier people, for sure.

Anyway, just had to share. Like the rest of the family, Mom loved to read. I'm so glad that both Mom and Dad gave their love of reading to me! It's certainly something I'm very THANKFUL for!

This time of year it's always nice to list things I'm thankful for. But don't get me wrong -- I'm THANKFUL for things every single day of my life. I never forget how blessed I am!

Thinking about you, Mommy! I wonder what you're reading in heaven... (???) I could give you some good suggestions. (smile)