November 11th, 2010


"Dawn of the Dead"

Marilyn and I just watched "Dawn of the Dead" on Demand (the 2004 version).

It was actually well done, and we grew to like most of the characters.

In the tradition of the original film ("Night of the Living Dead"), no one survived. Well, maybe the dog did...

I keep thinking about the story that appeared in "Reader's Digest" at the time. (I have scans of it, but not just the text. I should share them sometime... Anyway, it was based on Roger Ebert's review, which you can see HERE -- and only slightly different.)

Anyway, what people like George Romero don't get is that the audience NEVER wants everyone to die. In fact, they want several people to survive. (Of course, guys like Romero don't care what we want -- and in fact want to give us the exact opposite of what we want. Yeah, I get that.)

Well, it's interesting how you grow to like various characters -- including some you don't like at all to begin with. I think that's good work.

I haven't slept well for two nights in a row, so I'm tired and ready to sleep. Today was a very busy day at work with several meetings, IT stuff and website, as well. I started to be unable to code around 4:00 in the afternoon. My eyes were just done.

Leftovers from Candy for dinner -- nice to avoid cooking again!

Got Christie set up on her Dell laptop for Remote Desktop today (woo hoo). Met with Jason AND his dad Dan (Marilyn, Carol, Rich and me) -- it was a good meeting about our dotCal calendars. And loads of other stuff...

It was COLD and raining today -- Marilyn and I walked to Starbucks for sandwiches and got wet. (brr) And we forgot to leave heat on here at home (!!!) so it was COLD after work.

Can't wait to snuggle down with my cats for a nap!