November 5th, 2010

i hate microsoft, hate microsoft

Yes, I HATE Microsoft. Still. (Forever?)

Today while training Laura on how to do updates here at the office, I discovered that the updates on MY work computer were somehow turned back on again! On every single one of my own computers, I ALWAYS have this turned off, as I do my updates manually.


Because for one thing, I don't want to accidently get Internet Explorer 8 downloaded on my computers.

Guess what we found on my computer??? So then we have to uninstall IE8 and reinstall IE7. If that sounds easy, forget it, because it's NOT.

Guess what, Microsoft? I have enough work to do without adding this time-consuming crap to the list!

Yes, I know that updates do turn themselves back on, in spite of the fact that you've turned them off. I've read enough eNewsletters from reliable sources to doubt that. (Even if it does make me feel a little crazy when I suddenly discover these are back ON again!)

Of course, so far we've found this on one other computer. And we've got loads more to do, so it's safe to guess we'll find it again. (sigh)

I wish my hatred of Microsoft would cool over time. But this sort of thing makes that unlikely. Yes, I use Microsoft products almost every single day of my life. There's no alternative for me, I'm afraid. I'd say it was a love/hate relationship, but there's very little love there. I don't think I can ever love something that makes more work for me -- work that should never happen...

I'm sure my constant Microsoft rants get tedious, but this was just one of those days... This wasn't my ONLY annoyance with Microsoft, by the way. But it's the one that broke the camel's back!

Back to work. It's going on 6:30 p.m. here, and Marilyn and I are the last men standing here at the office. Maybe we'll get to go home soon (???).