October 21st, 2010

love to code

Website Coding. Yes, I DO Love It...

Yeah, I guess it's no secret that I love to code.

Even in spite of the days where looking at the code makes me NUTS. (smile) Because those days are more frequent than I might wish...

I did get a book on WordPress website creation, by the way. I haven't cracked it open yet, but we'll see how that goes. I'm all for learning new things, but sometimes I max myself out a bit. (grin)

Took Meclizine and slept a ton again today. I probably should have been at work, but whatever. Kris did bring in Chris' computer that he CRASHED yesterday. (Yeah, I warned about viruses -- and NOT clicking links (etc.) -- and so on in Staff meeting on Tuesday, but who really listens?) This is the first computer we've had crash in months, so I guess I should be please about that...

I'll gently 'lecture' Chris one-on-one when I'm in there next. Meanwhile, it was great that Kris could fix it -- the last two that crashed had to be dumped and replaced. I hate to go there, because basically we can't afford to (!!!).

Jason phoned me today about the dotCal for the PSSCA website I've been working on. He did a special mockup for me to embed for the Board meeting Marilyn attended after work (held at the festival office) last evening. The Board supported the new website design I came up with, and using the calendar, so we're good to go. I told Jason I'd get back to him on who to invoice (Marilyn?), but he poo-pooed that and said it was about actually giving me working code. I told him I hoped to work on the site this weekend, so he's going to get on it for me right away. Gotta LOVE that Jason!

Marilyn is going to direct me with the new website, as she's in charge of it for the Board. We're also going to set up the PSSCA Facebook and Twitter accounts (and hopefully a YouTube, as well), and have all of these -- including the website -- tied neatly together. I'm excited about it!

My high school Alumni organization wants my advice about a website, too -- but I'm holding off on meeting with the President until November. I'm hoping things will slow down a bit (and I'll feel better) after our annual Board meeting next week.

Marilyn and Rosanna ARE planning a Halloween party this year, so it's happening no matter what. I'd already mentioned it to Jeff, who was not really in favor -- but Marilyn didn't know that. She said this was really up to Rosanna (who does our HR) and HER (she's the Ops person for the office), so it's all good. Jeff's wife is having surgery the day of the Board meeting (next Thursday), so Marilyn thinks he won't be in on Friday, anyway...

Guess I'll go nap now. My head is full of code, but I've got prayer books I've been reading, so that should help me turn it off for now.

I can't believe that it's the end of October already! Where did this month go???