October 11th, 2010

thumbs up

Errands? Yes. Prettiness? Yes.

We (finally) got our pedicures and manicures done for the upcoming Auction (which is Friday). I need to post photos, as I did GOLD for both my fingers and toes -- so pretty! (Maybe I'll post those tomorrow...) That took a good two hours, so it's nice to have it out of the way.

The Auction themes is Las Vegas, so we had to find 'glitzy' clothes, which we also managed to. I got a cute top at Deb, and Marilyn got an amazing red jacket/top, and some slinky black pants. (I'll also wear mine with black pants, but I have a couple pair of dress pants, so I didn't need to buy new ones.)

I also got some glitzy long earrings that should be cute to wear. I'll be sure to get photos I can share after the event...

We also got bills done and mailed and did some other shopping (for cards and so on). So it was a productive day.

There's a lot to get done this week, so I'm hoping I'll continue to feel decent. Marilyn and I are already talking about sleeping a bunch next weekend, when this busy week is done. Sounds like a plan!

Last night Marilyn and I saw part of the movie "Five Minutes of Heaven" -- and we'd love to see the entire thing from the very beginning. Liam Neeson is such an amazing actor. But the entire cast was impressive.

Yesterday we also watched the 1966 movie "The Family Way," which I thought was really quite good. I'd recommend it, though I don't think of it as a comedy, no matter how it's described...

By the way, twice today I was told I look like I was in my 40's by people who were not trying to flatter me. You know what? I'll take it! (I guess that's why I buy clothes at a store meant for teens and young women. What the heck, if I can wear it, I will...)

And that's it for today!