October 1st, 2010


So Thankful!

Dinner (thanks, Marilyn!), then meds and a refreshing nap -- and I'm awake with no PAIN. What a blessing.

I'll thank Marilyn -- and the various recipients of my prayers, as well. (smile) Plus those meds I so hate to take... (grin)

On that note, I need to be up early, so I'm off to go back to bed. I'm excited for tomorrow morning!

charlie sick, sick in bed

A Day In Bed.

No Golf Tournament for me today, I'm afraid. But oh well. It's probably just as well.

And frankly, Marilyn wasn't up to it -- and she had a very (very) long day without that. She didn't get home until past 9:00 p.m., I'm afraid. She had a rough week, if we're tallying things up. Poor Marilyn...


I took Meclizine (the amazing medicine) and spent most of the day in bed. I didn't read, didn't listen to TV, didn't talk on the phone -- I just dozed and slept and did nothing.

The headache from last night? Horrible. I feel like I have a weird kind of 'hangover' from having it. The back of my head feels hot and tender. It's difficult to explain.

Anyway, I'm better tonight and looking forward to our beach trip -- planned by Marilyn -- with sister Sue for tomorrow (Saturday). We're all three excited about a day-trip to the beach!

The response to my website mock-up for the PSSCA was really good -- I'm excited to actually finish a site for them. From what Marilyn said, they were talking about all kinds of ways to 'repay' me for the work (including talk of a trip to Sapporo!!!). Naturally, I don't want or expect ANYTHING in return for doing this. I love coding websites (as everyone knows) and LOVE being a volunteer, too. Normally I don't do anything, really, except the festival website. It's so time-consuming that I really CAN'T work on other sites. (I get asked frequently, but always say 'no.') This has been a delight, so far. I'm almost surprised that they liked it, as I saw something they'd come up with (as a PDF), and my site is nothing like that. So I was prepared to have them really not like mine. Anyway, it's been gratifying to have their positive reaction, I have to admit!

I'm not nuts about GoDaddy.Com as a web host, but whatever. I plan to use standard FTP, regardless, so it shouldn't matter all that much. The board needs to approve things, then we'll see what happens going forward. The goal is to keep it simple, so I won't need to spend much time on it as a rule. (Good thing, as I still put tons of time into the festival website, after all.)

I still haven't shared about the awards we won this year, and I DO want to do that. I need to remind myself to do an entry about that alone.

Well, I'm headed to bed soon. Tomorrow should be good fun!