September 12th, 2010

star, gold star

The Piano Lady -- Dorothy Traver!

I mentioned in my last entry that while Marilyn and I were at Spooky's Pizza in The Dalles, Oregon, we got to hear the Piano Lady, Dorothy Traver, playing music.

Well, I was so impressed by her, that I asked her if she'd let me make a video tape of her. I turned this into a short movie that I uploaded to YouTube -- and I want to share it here with all of you!

Feel free to see it at YouTube and SHARE this link with your friends and family:

I'd love to make this a popular YouTube, as I think it would THRILL Dorothy to pieces -- and I think she deserves the special attention. Thanks in advance for your help spreading the word.

For those of you who don't know, I always re-size YouTubes when sharing them here (I make them smaller). So to see the full-size version (and VOTE for it -- well, 'like' it), please use the above link...


Happy Birthday, Deb!

Today is my friend Deb's otherdeb birthday, so I want to take a minute to offer her special birthday greetings! (Deb and I are the same age, by the way -- born in the same year!)

I already did my greetings for her at Facebook -- but I wouldn't want to miss sharing here at LiveJournal!!!

Happy Birthday, Deb !

I hope you have a GREAT day -- and have a really wonderful year!