September 3rd, 2010

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2010 Wildlife Safari Trip!

Marilyn, sister Sue, friend Mitch and I went to Winston, Oregon to Wildlife Safari today!

It's around a three-hour drive, and we were on the road by around 8:00 a.m. We needed an early start so we could go to the Elephant Car Wash, which ended at noon (!!!)

Here's a photo of two bears we saw while there:

Wildlife Safari - bears

And we got Marilyn a cute stuffed elephant in the gift shop that we named 'Alice' -- after the REAL elephant that 'washed' our car!

Wildlife Safari - Alice and Marilyn

I didn't get any photos of Alice, but I did make a video. My plan is to make a YouTube that I'll be able to share -- but I'm too tired to do that tonight...

We had a WONDERFUL time! It was a very special day. I think it's about time for bed, so I'll share more photos tomorrow...

We're having such a nice vacation!