July 29th, 2010


Twitter Update for July...

This is actually very cool... (smile)

I'm now at 1,300 Followers at Twitter! (And I'm listed 80 times.)

I just started getting active at Twitter back in mid-January of this year, so I figure I must be doing something right. But in all honesty, it amazes me. I've only Tweeted 624 times (seriously, that's NOT all that much compared to many people). And I ignore DMs (Direct Messages) entirely. I do try to answer mentions, though, on a regular basis.

Anyway, I finally feel I've got the hang of both Twitter and Facebook and can balance them in my day without spending too much time on either one. My goal is to enjoy Social Media without being compulsive about it. (I just don't have that much free time, so I don't want to use it all playing online...)

Of course, LiveJournal interactions remain my FAVORITE, still, no matter what! But I've continued to blog here every single day, so no worries.

Being sick did keep me from commenting as much as I normally like to do, though! (My stats there are currently: 4,543 comments received, 8,319 comments posted. I usually do stay about twice as many comments posted as received, so I think that's pretty decent...) Forgive me if I've missed commenting to you lately -- hopefully I'll be better now that I'm actually starting to feel better! Fingers crossed on that...

I still need to finish up the garbage and recycling, wash (and dry) my hair and do more coding on the eNewsletter before heading to bed. (It's almost 1:00 a.m. here now.) I've been goofing off a bit after a long nap I took after dinner.

Tomorrow will be a VERY BUSY day at the festival office! IT stuff with Kris (including lifting towers, etc.), getting the eNewsletter sent OUT, several smaller projects (including some meetings) and on and on. Plus our Board Meeting/Picnic in the late afternoon/evening (we'll probably spend the afternoon preparing). My main goal is not to end up exhausted after it's all done. (I want to ease into normal work, considering being sick all this time. I wish I wasn't still so damn puny, but whatever!)

The cool thing? After this week Marilyn and I have a week of vacation (next week)!!! (woo hoo) I hope I'm all better (100% well) by then, so we can have fun -- play tennis, take some road trips and go to some movies. Or whatever!

On that note, back to the tasks at hand!!! And then I need to get my ass in bed.

sunflowers summer, summer

Board Meeting Turned Picnic...

Marilyn and I were at work by 9:00 a.m., as I was supposed to be meeting at that time with Kris. I called once early to confirm we were on -- which he said was the case. When he hadn't arrived by noon (!!!) and I hadn't heard from him, I phoned him again. He had an emergency with another client, so we postponed. We'll now meet sometime the week after next.

Meanwhile, I did other IT projects, finished up the eNewsletter (which needed a couple of additions), worked on photos for Jeff, found out we had a FOB that hadn't been turned in and started working to deactivate it, tried to fix an issue with Excel for Rosanna and on and on. There's always a ton to do, after all.

The FOB thing? We use these in place of keys to get in and out of our building. Our security system reads these and lets us in and out -- the modern version of keys. These each have a number and can be recorded (this is in an Excel spreadsheet), so that we know who has which FOB. In theory this means we can tell who goes in and out on what day and at what time. Cool, huh? We've yet to track this, however. I'm looking into additional training on setting up these devices, changing the security settings and locating the stats.

And in the afternoon our office was busy getting ready for our annual Summer Board Meeting, which was turned into a picnic this year, rather than a business meeting. Good thing, as Marilyn is often very involved in these meetings, and she had TONS of other work that she needed to do. In fact, she missed half the picnic while getting a major project done.

In doing some clean up around my space and in the IT Room, I discovered Rick had brought back the missing phone. He insisted on taking it back to Inflow personally to get it replaced, but never did so. We got a box with a replacement phone, and then had Inflow wanting to know where the original phone was -- or when we planned to PAY for the replacement. I told Rudy that Rick had it. Rick contacted me while I was sick, so I never got back to him. So he came in to look for the box and paperwork for the return (which naturally he didn't find), so...

I emailed him and asked if he could come by and use the boxes and paperwork to return the phone. If not, that job will now fall on Ashley or ME. I explained I would be out all next week, so I was reluctant to wait until I returned to finally package up and mail back the phone. Hey, he offered to do it and took on the responsibility, so in my opinion he should take care of it. We'll see if that actually happens, though.

It was also interesting tracking the actual security company we use and contacting the guy we're supposed to deal with -- a task I told Marilyn I'd tackle.

I guess it was my day for touching base with people and trying to tie up loose ends.

The actual picnic was fun. A lot of people showed up, and I always feel it's important for me to mingle, considering I'm one of the Staff members who knows everybody (especially some of the older Board members). I had many engaging and interesting conversations with various people that I like, admire and respect -- so you can't do much better than that.

I ate less than I'd expected to, really. I didn't want to eat without Marilyn, and I spent much of my time mingling whenever I was outside with everyone. But that's okay -- it's not about the food for me, anyway. It's about the people.

What else? Well, we got home by around 9:30, I guess. And we've both been napping since around 10:00. But I got up to take my meds and blog. So I'll be heading back to sleep shortly.

I'm not going in for the storage cleanup project tomorrow, after all. I'm going to work here at home (I've got website things I need to tackle) and take it a bit easy. I don't want to end up sick again -- and today was a very long day.

But a GOOD day! And the nice weather helped make it a lovely one. I feel very blessed.