July 10th, 2010


Trip to Walmart...

Marilyn and I went with sister Sue to the Super Walmart in Washington (state) today. We hadn't been in ages and had a lot of things we needed to get. We got more $3 tees, by the way, which is very cool! They have an Americana theme, that both Marilyn and I love.

And I got a new bra (cheap, cheap, cheap) that is NOT an under-wire and seems very comfy! Go, me.

Other than that we've had another very lazy and relaxing day, playing computer games, watching TV, reading and so on. Summer, gotta love it!

We had our breakfast out on the deck this morning, by the way, which was very nice! The boys (our cats) were running around the back yard while we ate, so the whole family enjoyed the sun and blue skies.

I felt creative today, so made some "Angels & Demons" wallpapers, featuring the Patrick McKenna character (smile). All these years later, I still love Paint Shop Pro 9 and what I'm able to do with it.

I played a little at Twitter, Facebook and here at LiveJournal -- but did NO work (!!!) today, which was lovely!

On that note, I'm off to play more Zuma -- and maybe read in my pyramid book (loaned from Mitch). Life is sweet!