June 29th, 2010

charlie sick, sick in bed

Still Sick? Yeah. Stopping Me? NO!

I had a nap, thankfully. Because feeling crappy is NOT stopping me from what I need to do -- and what I want to do!

Worked this morning. Hard.

Had a nap when I got home around 1:00-ish.

Had an early dinner with sister Sue -- very nice. Brought home take-out for Marilyn.

We're off to run important work-related errands.

Then we're headed to the midnight movie: "Eclipse" -- meeting up with friends.

Marilyn gave $$$ to cousin Linda (again) today. (Same old, same old, I guess. I'm glad Marilyn is so generous while we can still afford it. Not sure what will happen when we've got a car payment...)

I have to do some WORK when we get back, so I need to wrap my head around that.

Anyway, no TIME to be 'sick in bed' now. Nor tomorrow! So I need to get over it right now...

I'm excited about the movie!

Later, friends! (hugs)