June 3rd, 2010

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eNewsletter? Done. Garbage and Recycling. Um, Not Yet!

I finished the eNewsletter for tomorrow just before midnight. (woo hoo) With a lot of help from Marilyn! So it's ready to go first thing tomorrow.

I need to do some website stuff still, though...

I need to finish up the garbage and recycling before I can head to bed.

We did get to go and tan after Marilyn got home from work. And we had a late dinner (around ten-ish) -- bacon and tomato sandwiches. (yummy)

Marilyn had a late night (Court judging). But she did come home for a quick (very) lunch of tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwiches.

The GFP script is now my highest priority!!! Gotta get on it.

My eyes are freaking out after staring at the computer for so long (especially staring at code). But it's all good.

The weather seems to be changing for the better -- and we could end up having a great weekend! (fingers crossed)

I'd better go do the rest of the garbage and recycling now...

By the way, I read "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" (the first book in the series). I really liked it. It was an easy, pleasant and quick read. Now I'm reading "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter" (by Seth Grahame-Smith), which is very entertaining. Reading is the only way I seem to be able to TURN OFF my brain these days -- otherwise I wonder if I'd ever fall asleep at night...

Thanks for all the kind words and good thoughts! Marilyn and I are hanging in there...

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The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Validation Services

I'm a great supporter of W3C -- the World Wide Web Consortium. I feel there's needs to be an organization who tries to regulate everything going on, but that has no national or financial motivations behind said regulation.

And I don't know what I'd do without their Validation services!

Happily, my latest eNewsletter (I'm getting ready to send it out shortly) validated the first time out! (woo hoo) Frequently due to bad Copy, I'll have something that doesn't pass...

I'm happy, if not thrilled, by the current edition. I try to keep to a certain standard, having won awards for the past two years for my eNewsletters. (You never know what any one group of judges will be looking for, but I'm proud that I'm clearly good at creating these things -- with a lot of help from the festival Communications Team, of course!)

Great. I had to pause to work (really???), and now I need to make MORE CHANGES to the above-mentioned eNewsletter. Which means, of course, that it will need to be validated all over again...

Why would I expect anything else?

I could say more about the W3C and the validation services, but clearly I don't have TIME to do that! Back to work!

it management gotta

Continued IT Woes (Woe is Me...)

No. It just doesn't seem POSSIBLE!

Our internet was down again. Now they've got it back up, but we've got no PHONES in the festival office.

In the middle of festival we're dealing with this.

You have got to be kidding me.

Originally I couldn't reach Kris. (Poor guy, it was past 7:00 when I first tried.) So I called and got Rick who was on it immediately. What would I do without these guys? Marilyn called them heroes, and that's the truth!

I've been on the phone with both men and they're doing all they can to help. Rick is now headed over to our office (again) to do what he can.

And poor Marilyn! Because I'm not there, I made her go to the IT Room twice and do things that I'm not even nuts about doing. What a good sport she is! I doubt she wants to become a permanent IT Assistant, though. (smile)

This has potential nightmare written all over it. But if we had to pick, we'd go for internet/email over phones, I think. We can always fall back to some degree on our cell phones, thankfully.

I keep saying the word 'emergency,' but it doesn't seem like an exaggeration, considering! IT. Wow, gotta love it...

Meanwhile, back to the script, which I'm actually finally working on! (woo hoo)

delete key

Internet? Phones? Internet? Phones? FUBAR.

Yeah, this is a mess.

Marilyn is STILL at work at the office (the only last Staff person there), trying at this point to get all the files we'll need for the script off the Server, in the event she loses access again -- which has already happened tonight.

We seem to be able to get either/or -- either internet and no phones, or phones and no internet. I've no CLUE why that would be.

Anyway, Rick is there in the office working on it right now.

I'd like Marilyn to get to come home at some point. It's headed toward 9:30 p.m. and she's been at work since early this morning with NO BREAK.

And it's pouring down RAIN again outside.

Look, the weather can slam us. We've been there before and we'll be there again. It's Portland and that's the way the weather works so much of the time. But we have to WORK. I mean, we've got tons to do. As Marilyn said, "Tell me the next ten days won't be like this." I told her they wouldn't, and I hope that's true! We're working hard to be POSITIVE, as always. But wow, this is a mess.

Rick has won my heart with all his help. He gets what an EMERGENCY situation this is.

I'm trying to slam out some script pages while I wait. There's no such thing as NOT working here in my home office, in case anyone was wondering. It's been a long day of sitting in front of this computer, but that's okay by me!

Colin is sleeping on his pillow on the desk. He's wanted attention today, and I've given him very little, I'm afraid. I'm sure he misses Marilyn (his person) and thinks I should be combing him and petting him, sweet boy. Henry has been all over me, too -- same results. I love them both, but I'm too busy today. Sorry, kitties!

Okay, I had to take a short break. Henry brought his rope (of rope-a-dope fame) in to me. So I held him and scooted over where I could comb Colin while holding and petting Henry with the other arm/hand. Not enough -- they're both staring at me wanting more! (sigh)

Back to it. Come on, Rick! Solve this mess!