May 29th, 2010

roses box, gift

We Survived. (Barely.)

Marilyn and I SURVIVED day one of the festival. Barely.

When we got home past midnight from our super-long day, I was still soaked to the skin (with soaked hair) from the rain. The weather was horrid, but whatever. The show goes on!

While at the party at our office I took tons of photos (including going on stage), visited with guests AND worked at my computer, too. I got TWO News items up on the website and did some other website-related things, as well as answering a pile of emails. Very productive evening, actually.

And our fireworks?


I only stood and watch around 2/3 of the display, which seemed to go on forever, I have to tell you! It was a big and glitzy show that impressed the hell out of everyone. (After getting many shots, I headed inside to work, leaving everyone else to enjoy. I like fireworks okay, I guess, but they went on and on and on...)

We're heading to work shortly -- and I'm actually antsy to get there and find out what's happening! Right now it's NOT pouring rain, which seems like a good thing to me...

More about yesterday later (if I have time)!