May 3rd, 2010

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Griffin Technology PowerBlock is AWESOME!

While at Wal-Mart yesterday, Marilyn and I picked up the Griffin Technology PowerBlock -- which is AWESOME.

Marilyn and I each have an iPod Nano 4th Generation (also called Chromatic). We've had TONS of issues with keeping these puppies charged -- their batteries seem to drain almost IMMEDIATELY. In other words, I seriously would NOT recommend them to anyone.

Plus: The fourth generation drops support for charging via FireWire. "This change means that any dock accessories that use the dock connector's FireWire pins to send power—many older speakers and car chargers, for example—will not charge the 4G iPod Nano."

I really do NOT like to use my computer to charge my iPods. So this change in how the 4th gen Nano charges has been a HUGE PAIN for me.

Until now!

Wal-Mart had the PowerBlock for $19.99 -- which is ten dollars LESS than the official website. For twenty bucks we've solved our charging issue!

Okay, yeah, it still doesn't HOLD a charge worth a damn. And you need an outlet to plug into, so you're not doing this on the fly. But it's better than it was, anyway!

clap, Jesus clap

Patience IS a Virtue...

Yes, I KNOW that patience is a virtue (Piers Plowman - 1377) -- and I'm really trying hard to be patient right now...

Our festival website is currently DOWN. Our wonderful host EasyStreet is having Server issues, I'm afraid. They're investigating the cause -- and working on it as I type this.

Meanwhile, I can't FTP. I can't even LOOK at any of the pages. I'm in the middle of doing what's called our Sponsored Exhibits for the festival website -- which is one of the most difficult pages I code each year. I was making some serious PROGRESS, and then the website goes down. (sigh)

The entertaining thing?

I phoned Morgan (at the office) getting ready to ask her to try the site, and she tells me she just emailed me (I hadn't gotten the email yet) to tell me the site was down for her and Hailey -- and they'd had a phone call about it from a website visitor!

Well, Marilyn said it's probably a SIGN for me. I'm now going to take a break. Maybe have lunch and put my foot up (and maybe even have a short nap). I'll come back at all of it refreshed, anyway. (But she doesn't like the site being down, considering we're getting a TON more hits this year than we did last year!!!)

Anyway, once we're back up, I'll get right back in and work on it!

Tomorrow is our Spring Board Meeting -- so I probably need to help Marilyn with that this afternoon. And I'm sure we'll both be working on it until the wee hours tonight -- SURPRISE! (How many times have we done exactly that with PowerPoint presentations???)

The weather here in Portland is FREAKY today! First, it's COLD. I keep fighting chills and trying NOT to get sick. (I think this sore foot is ENOUGH to deal with right now.) You'd think it was winter here, going by the temperature alone. (Although trees are greening, flowers are in bloom and it's very PRETTY wherever you look.) We've had WIND, pouring rain and sun breaks. And more of the same. And the heat is on in here and I'm dressed warmly, believe me.

Break time! (Back to WORK soon!)