April 29th, 2010

good cats

Vaguely Annoying Day...

This wasn't a stellar day. (sigh)

First, my foot HURTS. I do NOT want to go to the doctor. I pretty much doubt the doctor can do anything, anyway. So I've been propping it up and putting ice on it today. I hate doing that, but I've done it.

So while propped up, I did watch some of the movie "Mr. Rice's Secret," which was really excellent. I'd like to see it again, because I missed most of it. But it deals with a young man (boy?) who is dealing with terminal cancer. It was NOT depressing, and Bill Switzer did a great job as the youth.

Part of my annoyance today was with my internet connection. And then my PHONE was f-ed up, too!!! (I had to call Marilyn on my cell at one point to leave her a short message -- and it wasn't working great, either.) I don't know if it was our whole 'Black Hole' issue -- where we don't get decent coverage here -- or what. But it was FREAKY, to say the least.

I had Laura (at the office) check to be sure my work computer was turned on. Then finally I had her pull the plug and restart it. I don't know how much time I spent on that, but I think it was well over two hours of painful crap...

I also had an issue with my vacuum cleaner. All I want to do is quickly vacuum the living room rug. But hell no. I check it and it's barely pulling at all. Why? So I sit on the floor and discover that there's HAIR (mine and Marilyn's) tangled around the roller brush, clogging it! No surprise, I guess, when you consider we both have long hair...

That took ages to fix. And it still wasn't doing much of a job after. I went over the rug several times and finally gave up and called it good enough. (sigh)

On the happy side, both Henry and Colin (our cats) seem to be having fun with their Facebook and Twitter accounts!

At Twitter, they each have nice backgrounds and are starting to follow and get followers. Henry has Tweeted four times (two were RTs), and Colin has Tweeted six times (one was an RT). It turns out there are TONS of pets at Twitter, by the way! Check out ThePetFeed.Com if you don't believe me!

And they're both managing to find some friends at Facebook, so I guess Social Media isn't scary for the boys. (heh)

Well, it's nap time here. Marilyn had a brutal and intense day at work and is exhausted. She didn't have a bite to eat all day, so I did fix a decent dinner: hamburger patties (no buns), with cheese melted on top, bacon rounds, tomato slices, cottage cheese and brussel sprouts. Tasty!

Did I mention we actually got a GRANT from FreeGeek? They emailed that they have monitors for us. These are used, of course. And Laura and I have been unable to discover if they're flat screen or not. Anything else is useless to us. She's going by there tomorrow morning, so I guess we'll see! We need these desperately, so this is a good deal. (Keep your fingers crossed for us that they're actually what we need and decent equipment, please...)

Oh -- and I'm now up to 966 Followers at Twitter. Not bad!