April 28th, 2010

blood drop

Medical Supplies. Why?

Every month I get a phone call from my medical supplier to automatically order supplies. Every. Month.

This should be simple. I answer automated questions and I get the EXACT order I made the previous month.

Every single time it fails and I have to speak to someone.

It's soooo very much not necessary for me to waste the time of a person on my order, but that's how it goes. Every month!

I wonder WHY they can't fix this???

Every single time I tell the person as sweetly as I can, hoping I won't be wasting the time of a person the following month.



So much for automation! I think it's a GREAT idea in a world where we're all carrying huge and heavy workloads...

Oh well!

henry sweet, sweet

Henry Tudor the Cat

My cat Henry just added me at Facebook. And he's following me at Twitter, too.

This is not surprising, really, as he can't leave me alone since I got back from San Antonio...

I guess the only question is, how soon will he have more friends than I do at Facebook and more Followers at Twitter? (smile)

Cats. Gotta love 'em!