April 10th, 2010

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Lazy Saturday! (woo hoo)

Marilyn and I earned a lazy Saturday -- and that's what we've pretty much had, so far. (smile)

Yeah, I did do some festival website edits -- and I think she's answered some work-related emails, but that's no big deal. I didn't say we'd done no work at all! But for the most part, we've relaxed.

As a matter of fact, we both just awoke after long naps. Nice!

Earlier today we took a ride down to Sauvie Island -- it was so lovely out!

Then we drove to Wal-Mart and did some essential shopping. I got Crystal Light iced tea flavor (which I was almost entirely OUT of -- and I'm currently hung up on). And we got Blue (the blue pills we take for sinus congestion). And numerous other things...

We've been playing more Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life, which is great fun! Our people are growing/aging and learning and there are more of them all the time. (We have 19 of them now!) These Sims-like games are so much fun... We've done all but a few of the puzzles, and we've only been playing this since Marilyn's bday on Wednesday. (And we've been busy at work and so on during that time...)

We're going to go shopping to Ross in a bit for clothes, too. We have some things we need to pick up.

We have Clown Graduation tomorrow -- and we need tan first thing in the morning! (I need to color my hair, again, tonight... sigh. I hate the work of doing it, but I certainly like the way it makes me looks!)

Sister Sue is at her cribbage tournament this weekend (she left yesterday). I hope she has fun and does well!

Cousin Linda got a job and started it this past week -- plus heard she was going to get help with housing (she's been in a shelter again recently). But today she sent me a disturbing message from Facebook that the shelter had taken her clothes. I don't know what that's about, really. (I can't say how many times over the years Marilyn and I have outfitted Linda entirely with new clothes, but it's been numerous occasions... So this isn't anything new, that's for sure. We'll try to help her out as best we can, but recently we've given her several bags of clothes, so we don't really have anything else at this time.)

Also, I talked to Shari this week, though not for long as it was when I was on my major deadline with the eNewsletter. She's been wanting to get together, but was reluctant right now because she doesn't have all her little gifts for Marilyn wrapped and ready...

Off to Ross!

star glow

Back from Shopping at Ross.

We got a few things (both of us found festival uniform pants, which we needed) at Ross.

I got a black dress for the trip -- Evan-Picone! It's a $109.00 dress that I got for $22.99. How about that? Cool, huh? It should pack well and not hold wrinkles, a good thing for a trip.

Marilyn got Audra pants -- made by Liz Claiborne -- as her uniform pants. We both love the Audra pants, and get a kick out of them being named that. (smile) Her pants were normally $59.00, and she got them for $14.99.

So, as you can see, we got some bargains!

Marilyn is sitting beside me playing Zuma, so I'm thinking I'll do that, too...