March 28th, 2010


Chinese Food Dinner!

Marilyn and I just got take-out to go from Lung Fung Restaurant (less than ten minutes from home).

We phoned in advance to order (Egg foo young for Marilyn and Fried rice for me), then went out in the really NASTY weather (rain and wind) to pick it up. It was well worth the trouble -- very yummy!

(That's where we got our food for Christmas Eve dinner in 2009.)

I'm working on an entry to describe what we did yesterday, including photos! But that's going to take more work...

Earlier, Marilyn and I downloaded and played the Sweeney Todd hog (hidden object game). It had some lovely images and even included songs (!!!), but neither of us would recommend it. It had a really LAME ending...

I need to start my Writing Circle story for March, as we gather tomorrow night (!!!). I have ideas and have done research (surprise), but as yet haven't begun to write.

I spoke briefly to Laura to tell her that she and Logan should come even if they haven't written this month. No big deal, every single member of the group has missed writing at least once.

I also spoke briefly with sister Sue suzy_qp, who is having trouble with her story, it seems. I hear that! (smile)

Anyway, I should TRY and write. I really should. Or I could wait until tomorrow (for a change...). (heh)