March 15th, 2010

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Busy Day -- Nap Time!

This has been yet another crazy-busy day.

I had to re-do the ClubRunner tutorial piece. But at least the support people FINALLY got back to me and fixed my main area of complaint. (sigh) Actually, that was one of the reasons I needed to re-work the document, because I had steps included that were no longer needed. I wanted the URL to go DIRECTLY to the home page -- but they had it re-directing to an 'instructions' page. I had to ask them more than once to change this, but it's done now. (How many years have we owned this site???)

It should prove interesting to see how the Board ends up cooperating with the use of the website, by the way. Hopefully they'll embrace it and get and do what we ask, but I'm doubtful, of course...

My next piece was the Twitter tutorial. Yeah, yeah, I know that there are TONS of these out there already. But I needed one that's geared toward those who people our Board -- and much of that demographic is older. These aren't people who want to be Power Users -- they just want to learn how to set up and account and maybe participate now and again. Yeah, some of them already ARE power users -- but they don't need this help to begin with! (smile)

Anyway, I got it done by around 8:00 p.m. tonight, anyway.

Now Marilyn has helped me color my hair, so I won't feel too yucky tomorrow. I need a hair cut in the worst way (it's been months and months -- in fact I just checked, and my last cut was September 30!!!). There was no time on Saturday, and the place I want to go was closed both Sunday and yesterday (when I could have gone). So... Hopefully I get there next Saturday!

I'm sitting with color on my hair and typing this.

Okay, it's AGES later and I'm done coloring my hair (thanks, Marilyn!). I need to go dry it and have a quick nap now...

Tomorrow is a LATE and SUPER BUSY day!!!