February 28th, 2010

mlk jr., i have a dream

I Have a Dream.

I have a dream that some day it won't be about the color of our skin.

People won't judge someone unfairly because they are black.

And, by the way, they won't judge them unfairly because they are white, either.

We finally got a black man in the White House. So who knows? Some day this may be the norm, and not the exception.

Meanwhile, I'll go on loving my friends of all colors and backgrounds and hoping and praying for change. Of course, I'll also try to be part of the change, as I have tried my entire life.

Because I have a dream. And I want my dream to be reality.

star, gold star

Wonderful Surprise! A Phone Call from John!

I just got a really WONDERFUL SURPRISE, in the middle of trying to write my story about Lafayette for Monday night's Writing Circle...

My friend John called from New York state (Yonkers, I believe), giving me verbal love and hugs. I was so pleased to hear her voice that I started to cry with joy. She's a dear friend and we don't get to talk as often as we might like...

Here's her picture:

My dear friend John

She and her partner Lily were both saying lovely things to me, and it made me glad to be alive. I've known John for decades, though we only spent a few days together at a Con we both attended. She was helping run the video room, and when people 'questioned' (!!!) some of her decisions I dubbed her 'the Video Goddess' -- telling her she could do whatever the hell SHE wanted (I was pretty much in charge of the Con at that point). We were down South, and I'm sure there were lots of people who resented her 'power' over what was being played for viewing. And screw them all, and the horses they rode in on. What a team we made. (grin) I just love her, I really do.

And as I said to her, I could say her color doesn't matter to me, but it's not about being color-blind. I love that she's black and I think she's beautiful -- and that's partly due to being black. So while many speak of not seeing color, I'll never favor that. Our color is part of what makes us who we are. In many cases, it's a very important part of who we are (obviously).

She doesn't blog, but I'd love it if she did. She's active at Facebook, and I'm just not that active there... (sigh) It's hard to do it all, no matter how I try.

Well, I'm feeling very loved right now. But I'd better get back to writing -- no excuses!