February 10th, 2010

eeek! (gray mouse glittered)

Done With the Dentist? Well... NO.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn dropped me off about 15 minutes early for my 12:15 dentist appointment today (then headed to Starbucks where she can use Remote Desktop and work).

Mary had me come back and she showed me the new bridge. She wanted to send it back, as she wasn't totally satisfied with the way it turned out. Considering the trouble and expense, I'm willing to wait another two weeks to have it done perfectly right.

So there we are! It's still not done (sigh), but will hopefully be done soon.

Now it's just a matter of getting it back in our (very busy) schedules! I need to phone about it tomorrow, I guess...

Cool note?

We ran into Mandy (!!!) while at Starbucks! It was great to see her. We miss her at the office...

mlk jr., i have a dream

"The Great Debaters"

It was another long day. Working on the website, starting the eBulletin (for tomorrow), doing a load of dishes, going to the dentist (even though that was wasted time), going shopping, answer emails for work and on and on.

I got the garbage and recycling done early today (with cat boxes, of course)! (woo hoo)

I phoned (at Starbucks) to order oil. Happily 200 gallons was just under $290 this year! Good deal.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn got home just before 7:00 p.m. from the office, in time to watch "Jeopardy."

Tonight we've been watching "The Great Debaters" -- what an amazing movie! (Denzel Washington is so incredible. And... well... HOT, too... grin...)

Don't forget that it's Black History Month! (And, YES, I very much believe in 'Celebrating Black History Month - Every Month' -- but there's nothing wrong with using this month each year to REMIND people, is there?)

It was raining (and raining and raining) all day long. (sigh) Believe me, I shouldn't complain -- I get that. I know how much people are suffering from awful winter storms with snow everywhere. I feel blessed not to be in that situation, I really do. But I'm still so ready for summer. No, not spring -- summer! Sunshine and heat and no rain and... and...

Anyway, I was out in the rain quite a bit today and not feeling the love. (smile) And we've got nothing but days of rain stretched out in front of us.

For those of you who are miserable in the snow, I have every sympathy. I hope your weather improves soon! Forgive me for bitching about rain. I just can't help it...

Well, I can barely keep my eyes open. I hope I get a nap soon! I'm beat.

And -- SURPRISE! -- tomorrow is slated to be another busy day.

But we're counting down to Friday night! We can't wait for the three-day weekend! (hurray) We both hope to write this weekend, for one thing. And goofing off and snoozing after a total appeal, too. For those who might not know, next Monday (February 15) is Presidents' Day in the United States (always celebrated on the third Monday of February). Presidents' Day is mainly in celebration of George Washington's birthday -- but also honors Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson. (It differs from state to state, which can make it confusing. But that's how things often work her in America!)

By the way, George Washington is our topic for our Writing Circle this month...