February 2nd, 2010

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Forever Stamp Means Forever -- Oh, Brother!

So, we needed to mail some bills, right? And I had some of the 'Forever' stamps (with the Liberty Bell on them). But I went to the website of the United States Postal Service and searched on 'forever stamp,' I couldn't find out anything. (sigh)

I had to go to Google and search 'forever stamp' to find THIS info.

That was AFTER I decided to just put two stamps on all the bills, of course.

Well, when it comes to sending payments on bills, it's always better safe than sorry! So who cares about wasting a few extra stamps, really?

It's just amusing, you know? In this case, FOREVER really does mean forever! Who'd have guessed? And we just don't expect that from the post office, now do we? (grin)

star glow

"When I Was Elena" -- Amazing Book!

The speaker at Willamette Writers tonight was Ellen Urbani Hiltebrand, the author of "When I Was Elena." What an AMAZING woman -- and what an AMAZING book!

Listening to her speak, I both laughed and cried (tears were running down my cheeks). And when she finished reading from her book for the first time, I happily started clapping when no one else did -- and soon the entire room was clapping loudly (which is only what she deserved).

We bought a copy of her book, needless to say. It was a pleasure to speak to her and tell her how moving her work is. I began reading when we got home and am already on page 24. (smile)

If you need a book to read, get this one!

Clearly I'm in the middle of a number of books -- which is life the way I like it. (grin)

Ellen was such an inspiration.

We couldn't get any other members of our Writing Circle to attend, so it was just Marilyn mistressmarilyn, Angel and me. Too bad for the rest -- they really missed something SPECIAL tonight!

In other news, we had lunch with the Living History people (Mary and David) today. It was Marilyn, Angel, Ashley, Mary, David and me. Very nice. It was a working lunch, so the program was discussed.

I had my 9:00 a.m. meeting with Karen, our new festival Staff member. She's impressive! The computer orientation went very well.

Hailey and I met to discuss the phones. We're trying to get a better handle on the back end (Administrative) side of things. I created my first Admin 'How To' page for us to reference at the website -- it turned out cool.

Today was Staff meeting (every Tuesday), and we covered some interesting things, including the new Membership Club (which used to be the old membership program years back). I look forward to getting the website part of this in place.

In other work, I got some website changes done, Tweeted some website-related stuff, helped Rich mess with his festival Twitter account and the usual stuff.

I have a TON of work to get done this week (!!!), but will hopefully have no trouble keeping my nose to the grindstone.

Kris had issues with his 84-year-old mom today, so couldn't come in until late. I saw him briefly when we had to run back to the office after attending Willamette Writers -- he was working on equipment and hanging in. (Planning to head home to care for his mother after finishing up...)

Poor Jeff LOST his cell phone and had to go replace it (!!!) -- which means Kris will need to set it up. Again. (My poor IT budget...) I hope I get to replace my own cell one of these days...

Well, that's it for today! I think I'll go READ!