January 31st, 2010


Happy Birthday, Suzy!

Today is my sister Sue's suzy_qp birthday (we attended her Poker Party Saturday evening -- right now it's only 2:00 a.m. on January 31... I'm up watching tennis...).

Sue is ten years older than me, by the way. Actually I was supposed to be born around the same day she was, but I was a preemie. (smile) Anyway, time for a greeting for Sue!

Happy Birthday, Suzy !

I hope you had FUN at the party -- and that you have a great day. (And a terrific year!)

sunshine, sunny

Starbucks in Hood River -- A 'Sun Break' Ride!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I went to tan, then took a drive here to the Starbucks in Hood River, Oregon. We slept in this morning (delightful) after staying up really late to see the Australian Open tennis Men's Finals (yes, Roger won).

Cool thing? I have PHOTOS to share:

2010 Jan 31 Hood River - 1

2010 Jan 31 Hood River - 2

2010 Jan 31 Hood River - 3

2010 Jan 31 Hood River - 4

2010 Jan 31 Hood River - 5

We tried to hook up with sister Sue suzy_qp and Candy, who were in The Dalles (close by) visiting friends Bob and Sue, but they decided no. Okay, then.

What a lovely, lovely, LOVELY day here in the Gorge! Check out all that blue sky! I'm so glad we came!