January 28th, 2010

ouch, bandaid

Poor Old Cellphone... (sigh)

My poor OLD cellphone is dying. It can barely old a charge now.

This is a B.A.D. thing. Seriously!

Yes, I was supposed to get a new one the year BEFORE last October -- so I'm long overdue. I guess this will force me to finally get one.

I just hate seeing the 'old man' die like this. (A new battery would fix the problem, but I was already told that the cost of a battery would be almost as much as a new phone, so...)

In other news, watching Australian Open tennis (surprise) and enjoying it a ton. This has been a good tournament!

Henry (my crazy cat) is being a real PAIN right now. He's caterwauling and scratching on things and YIKES!!! Just being annoying as hell!!!


Done for Today!

I just finished up the garbage and recycling for another week. (woo hoo)

Guess what???

I'm DONE with work for today (counting this as Wednesday, just so you know).

So I'm off to bed -- and it's ONLY (only???) 3:00 a.m. (smile)

Go, ME!

And Murray has picked up his game, so...


Busy Work Day -- Home by 7:30 p.m.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I did make it home by around 7:30 p.m. tonight. What a busy, busy day,

Our day started by going to the doctor for Marilyn's appointment. After that, we came home and did work here up until 1:30, when we packed up and headed to the office downtown.

Crazy, crazy work day for me. I had to get two webpages done, and was trying to do an eNewsletter. Marilyn suggested I turn it into an eBulletin, instead, thankfully -- which I did.

Meanwhile she had back to back to back meetings all afternoon long.

When I had finally sent out the eBulletin, I started working on getting the computer station for new employee Karen ready. It wasn't too be, I'm afraid. There's something B.A.D. happening with the tower that was previously Carol's. (sigh) I was pleased I'd done my part well, but it was wasted time.

I DID get Karen's phone set up, at least. So that's a good thing.

Kris will come in to 'sanitize' her computer tomorrow. So I need to figure out if I'm going in with Marilyn first thing in the morning (sigh) so I can do the setup I didn't get done today. What a pain, but that's how it goes. The remaining stations are pretty crappy equipment, I'm afraid... We'll do the best we can.

Considering it usually takes me a day JUST to do an eBulletin, I'm proud of all I got done today. Now I'm tired and ready for a nap, that's for sure.

Marilyn did another blog entry for the festival blog today -- and it's excellent! I'm so glad she's taken over the blog. (And I helped by showing her how to easily frame/resize images to include, a trick I now use all the time. It cuts out a lot of steps I used to use, so it's a dandy thing... (I'll need to put it up at the 'How To' area at some point...)

My blood sugar was lower again this morning -- I guess that's a sign my infection is under control (again). Good thing, as all these antibiotics are KILLING me. (I get stomach aches from them, but I guess it's better than having the infection...)

Marilyn needs to set up the appointment to go get her shot in her (poor) shoulder, then start seeing Amanda again for massages as therapy. The sooner the better, as the shoulder is practically frozen and gives her tons of pain. Thankfully Amanda is back to giving massages again.

Well, I guess I'd better try to sleep now!