January 24th, 2010

watson/sherlock, sherlock/watson

"Sherlock Holmes" (yes, again) -- and Friday at the Festival Office

We went to see "Sherlock Holmes" again, getting home past midnight. Again, what a wonderful movie!

Marilyn got her hair done today, while I stayed home and slept in -- then pretty much goofed off after that. (smile)

I've done little at all most of the day, napping a ton and reading. I have been thinking about a story I'd like to write, but that's about it! I've got this 'Western' thing going on lately, on and off, that keeps popping up. Probably from years of reading Western novels. (smile) And movies and TV shows that I love... (Like "3:10 to Yuma.")

When we got home, I made a batch of Coquito, a rum drink that Angel introduced us to when we visited his home during the holidays. He gave me his recipe and I'd found one online. Anyway, I made my own version, which I'll share here!

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I spoke with Jeff who asked me if he was going to be shocked by the cost of IT -- to which I honestly answered 'yes.' The move has impacted us, of course. Plus we have other IT issues we need to address. And it's clearly a year where we'll need equipment (I've already had to buy some), so... I guess Marilyn had given him a 'head's up' that this would be the case, and of course I'm just going to bluntly tell him the truth. Well, we saved money last year, so...

Sue B. insisted on buying lunch for both Marilyn and me (!!!), even though I was there and had my credit card. She's so good to us! We got food next door, and it was quite good!

I was tired and brain dead by the end of the day -- but also really satisfied with what I got done! Some days feel good simply because of what's accomplished. This was a day like that.

We're up now watching the Australian Open, but heading to bed soon.

stormy road

Ugly Weather? Great Day for Chili and Naps!

It's a MISERABLE day here in Portland, Oregon. Pouring down cold rain. (brr)

I went out to fill the hummingbird feeder, toss some seed for the birds in the back and throw the leftover popcorn and some nuts out for the crows. And I got wet and cold! Was I ever glad to get back inside the cozy house!!!

Marilyn had refried beans and I had chili. (yummy) And we watched "That Touch of Mink" (so crazy it's funny), with Doris Day and Cary Grant.

We've also had Australian Open tennis on today. And played games (I played more Zuma). And we slept late and are headed for naps now. (grin)

A perfectly LAZY, lovely day! I'll read some and relax. Sure, I have work to do, but it can wait...

The ground outside is soggy from all the rain. (ugh) But who cares when you're inside and warm and your belly is full?

Sister Sue suzy_qp is away at a cribbage tournament this weekend, by the way. I hope she's enjoying herself...