January 11th, 2010

eggnog, nog

Time for Nog? Yes!

Believe it or not (!!!), Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are having a little eggnog as a treat. (Yes, it's laced with a small amount of whiskey! Yummy.) Hell, we've been very good, so we felt we earned it...

We want to pick up some more at the store next time we're there, as they're selling it out right now. It's seasonal (of course), so we won't be seeing it for quite some time! I 'doctor' it in my own way (adding milk and/or half-and-half, Seven-Up and spices) and we always have it over ice. We love to suck on and/or chew the nog-coated ice, which is part of the enjoyment! People like my 'recipe' enough that they're always under the impression that our eggnog is homemade, even though I'm quick to tell people it's not true. But if you love nog -- or especially if you've never been a fan -- I invite you to try it our way. It's simply not as rich, which makes it better, I think. We also use light eggnog and diet soda, just an F.Y.I.

I'm sucking on a hunk of ice as I type this. (grin)

Our Writing Circle is meeting next week, to avoid any issues with our big event on Wednesday! And this time around we're meeting on Tuesday, instead of our normal Monday night. We haven't decided whether I'll cook or we'll get pizza, but we'll have a great time regardless. (We did cook in October, November and December, so maybe we'll go casual this time...)

They've been playing "Alexandre Dumas' the Count of Monte Cristo," directed by Kevin Reynolds on cable (from 2002) -- are there any fans out there? Though it doesn't stick to the novel, I actually like this version quite a bit, which features (hot) James Caviezel (of "The Passion of the Christ" fame) as Edmond Dantes and a young (hot) Henry Cavill (of "The Tudors" fame) as Albert Mondego and the ever-wonderful Richard Harris as Abbe Faria. It makes me want to re-read the novel, which I have picked up in decades (though I've read it several times in my life). This is the 10th time the novel has been made into a movie, believe it or not!

Anyway, it's bedtime!


I Love What I Do.

I love what I do.

Seriously, how could I NOT???

Today I worked on the festival website (ranked as one of the top websites in the world and an award winner -- during my time as webmaster). I got to use my artistic talents to create several new home page banners (I've made it animated to display more than one version this year).

Then I got to use my writing talent to re-write a news item.

Then I got to use my coding skill to put it all together and post it to the site.

All this, and I barely did any IT-related work, which I also get to do and enjoy...

What a GREAT life!

On Wednesday, the PowerPoint presentation that Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I created for the Auction this year will be played at City Hall -- in front of the Mayor and Commissioners and a packed house of dignitaries and public guests.

My life is just so damned good!

Yeah, we work hard. We work long and late hours. We often work holidays and during weekends and our vacations. But it's so worth it!

Gotta go and finish coloring my hair...