January 6th, 2010

under the weather


I don't feel well. I've got a bellyache and I'm sick to my stomach and just ugh. I'm forcing myself to eat some Premium Oyster Crackers, considering I took my meds and must eat, like it or not. (sigh)

I've been working at home (when I can stand to sit up to the computer) today. Marilyn mistressmarilyn is working from home this morning (and has been super busy), and goes in to the office this afternoon. I'll be staying home, however.

We're preparing for a huge event on January 13 (one week from today), so there's a lot to get done.

All I feel like doing is lying around. Period. Not watching TV, not reading, not anything. (sigh)

I hope I feel better right away. This is ridiculous! I have things I need to do!!!!!!!!!

snowing snowglobe, winter snowglobe

Little Christmas

Today is Little Christmas (which is also known by many other names). Mom always celebrated it as the day the tree came down. To this day I have no clue WHERE she got the habit. I mean, I think Grandma Elsie did the same, so I guess Mom got it from HER mother. But as it was also Grandma's birthday (and apparently doesn't have Swedish roots -- and my maternal grandparents were both Swedes), I really don't know the beginning of this as a family practice. Mom spent time living down South in her youth, so the whole family picked up a lot of habits there. I just don't know. (I can't believe it never occurred to me to ASK Mom when she was still alive!)

Anyway, as was my Mom's habit, I generally take the Christmas tree down today. (And according to one source I read, it's bad luck to leave the tree up after today!!!)

Yeah, I've pretty much felt crummy all day long. Yeah, all I've had to eat are some oyster crackers, so I'm not exactly at my strongest, either! But I got the ornaments off and the tree packed up, as you can see below!

Little Christmas, 2010 - 1
The tree is all boxed up for next year!
Little Christmas, 2010 - 2
It's lying in the spot where the tree stood a little bit ago.
Little Christmas, 2010 - 3
Some of the ornaments on the coffee table.
Little Christmas, 2010 - 4
The tree skirt and more ornaments on the couch.
Little Christmas, 2010 - 5
Maybe not real, but a Douglas fir!
Little Christmas, 2010 - 6
Henry asks, "Where did MY tree go???"
Little Christmas, 2010 - 7
Both boys: "Where's the tree?"
Little Christmas, 2010 - 8
They hate it when the tree comes down...

I also got the tree from the yard taken down -- for the LAST time. As you can see from this photo I took back when we had snow, there's a section that burned out last year. I thought I'd be able to fix it, but that didn't happen. (It drove me NUTS the whole time this year, I'm sorry to report...)

Little Christmas, 2010 - 9

Now I need to box up ornaments and decorations, but I'm fine if that doesn't happen today. Today was all about getting both trees down, which I happily did!

I also need to jump right in and do the garbage and recycling (sigh). So that's my next goal. Of course, I do need to carry the tree downstairs (I've already packed the outdoor one into the garage, thankfully). And that's no small task, either!

My tummy is a bit calmer (!!!), so at some point I'd like to try a bowl of soup or something. It might actually make me feel better. My mouth still hurts, but I can stand it. (What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and all that crap...)

Mom died ten years ago today. It's hard to believe it's already been that long. I still find it so interesting that she died on Grandma Elsie's bday. And Little Christmas, for that matter.

And cousin Linda called me today and reminded me that today would have been her son Andy's bday, too. (He died years ago.) I think she said he would have been 27 this year. He was a very sweet boy and I know it's hard for Linda, having lost both her sons. Her daughter Katie will be 33 this coming April, also hard to believe...

For the record, I don't feel bad about these loses. Death is an important part of life, and there's absolutely no way to avoid losing people over time (except to die yourself, of course). Both Mom and Dad had little or no quality of life at the end, and it was time. But even when people die young (as Andy did), I believe our grief is for ourselves -- not for the departed, who have moved on to a better place. We all feel this grief -- I'm no different than anyone else. But I try hard to remember that it's my own selfishness in play when I dwell on it. So whether people are religious or not, I hope everyone can feel there's something after this world (and that it's a good place). Anyway, I see today as a time to fondly remember Mom -- and Andy, too (as Linda also does). I'm smiling as I type this, and there's not a tear in sight.

And now I need to either go eat or get busy again!

melvin briefcase, busy melvin

Tree Down? And Much More? YES!

Yes, yes, YES -- I really accomplished a TON today. So never let it be said that feeling crummy (ugh) has to keep a person from getting things done. (grin) In fact, I got more done today that I frequently do on a day when I feel just fine! Go figure... Anyway, here's my list for today!

  • I took all the ornaments off our Christmas tree.
  • I took down and boxed up the tree.
  • I carried the (very heavy) tree downstairs and stored it in the utility room.
  • I took down and boxed up the outdoor tree (and carried it into the garage).
  • I put all the decorations into a bin so I can take them downstairs to box up.
  • I put furniture back where it belonged.
  • I did the garbage and recycling.
  • I stuck the oil. (We currently have 160 gallons.)
  • I made my dental appointment (to prep my partial) for January 20 (I spoke directly to Mary).
None of the above counts the stuff I did for work (festival work), by the way.

I also took photos, prepared them and uploaded them to share -- and actually SHARED them (heh). And I've blogged (duh).

I feel a little better than I did this morning, anyway. I guess that's obvious, as I could barely stand to sit up part of the morning -- so I certainly couldn't have done all this if I hadn't improved a bit. I'm still far from 100%, but oh well. I love the challenge of pushing myself even when I'm under the weather. It's not like I'm contagious or anything, by the way. I've certainly rested A LOT, so whatever.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn went in for her afternoon meeting and hasn't come home yet. I don't know exactly when to expect her.

I ended up sticking the oil because I'd done it exactly one year ago today. Funny, huh? (Last year we had 130 gallons...)

Okay, here's a bitch-about-LiveJournal thing! When you look at back entries, you can't see what day of the week they were written on. Why the hell is that??? My expectation is that you would be able to see that, just as you can in current entries. Seriously, if I'd known that, I'd have been adding the day of the week to every single entry (as annoying as it would be do have to do it). Come ON LiveJournal!