December 26th, 2009

watson/sherlock, sherlock/watson

We Saw "Sherlock Holmes"!

Our friend Mitch came over and we tried to go to the 7:30 showing of "Sherlock Holmes" -- but it was sold out (!!!). So we bought tickets for the 10:30 showing and dropped by sister Sue's suzy_qp house. We saw Nicole and cat Chubby, then brought Sue home with us.

The four of us played a game of Bunco (loads of fun), with Mitch and Marilyn mistressmarilyn teamed together and Sue and I as a team (we kicked as, by the way). We'll have to play again soon, that's for sure!

Then we dropped Sue home and went early to the 10:30 showing, which ended up packed (but not quite sold out).

I won't offer any spoilers, but I'll recommend that EVERYONE go and see the film! We all three LOVED IT, and can't imagine anyone not liking it. Ignore the negative critics (???) and go see this one -- you'll be glad you did! (Especially all of our friends into slash... smile...)

Anyway, we had a lovely Christmas -- I hope the same was true for all my friends.

Bedtime soon! (I can't wait to go see "Sherlock Holmes" again -- and both Mitch and Marilyn agree.)