December 18th, 2009


Work in the Office? Yes. (Three Meetings Today...)

I had three meetings today at work (not including meeting briefly with Jeff in the morning).

In the morning Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I met with Carol about the website. It was productive and went quite well, I think!

In the afternoon I met briefly with Kris, who came by at the drop of a hat to help me out. That man ROCKS, and I do mean! (And considering his girlfriend Faith's sister Michelle had a stroke this morning -- and he was at the hospital half the day -- that's pretty damn impressive.) Then later when I phoned him to tell him the two new towers I bought from him had Vista rather than Windows XP, he told me he'd be by before 5:00 to pick them up and work on them this weekend!!! What a guy. He's an answer to my prayers, I'm telling you. (And nice? The man is charming and nice and fun!)

The other meeting was Marilyn and me with Hailey, discussing our ClubRunner website (for the Board of Directors of the festival to use to 'self-manage'). That also went really well!

Then I (obviously) did a tiny bit of IT (with the computer I mentioned that was loaded with Vista).

And, finally, I did some website coding! I was going NUTS trying to get a particular piece of code to work (!!!), but finally got it to, thankfully! At one point I ripped off the bracelet I was wearing and THREW it down on my desk really hard! I was that frustrated... (smile)

Marilyn took me to lunch at the Mandarin Cove Chinese Restaurant -- their house fried rice was AMAZING! It had three different kinds of meat and was delicious.

And we got away on time, too -- and home BEFORE 5:00!

All in all, a good day, with a lot done!


A Social Evening...

I need to go and change my clothes any second, then touch up my makeup. Marilyn mistressmarilyn, sister Sue suzy_qp and I are on our way to Angel's house (for the first time ever) for a Christmas gathering!

We're taking along a bottle of flavored vodka as our host gift -- I put a wire with tiny (fake) gifts on it, then a really lovely pink bow (and sticker/label). It looks quite pretty!

After Angel's, we'll drop Sue back at our house (she has Nicole at home alone tonight, so doesn't want to be gone too long) and we'll head to Leslie's (with another bottle -- the same as above).

We didn't make it to Leslie's last year, because of the nasty weather (!!!).

Anyway, I'd better dash to be ready on time!