December 17th, 2009


Work (eNewsletter!) and Costco!

Seriously, shopping at Costco is exhausting! Talk about aerobic shopping (as I always say, my fave form of aerobics... heh...)! This was a lot of heavy shoving (the loaded cart around) and lifting (things like a huge package of paper sacks). I was pretty worn out after we got it all around Costco, through check-out, to the car, into the house and (whew) put away at home!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn, sister Sue suzy_qp and I went together, not quite making it by the time the store opened (!!!) -- which is probably more about finding a good parking spot than the actually shopping.

Marilyn got me a BEAUTIFUL Christmas cactus (!!!) that I'll need to take photos of and share! It's fabulous. And we got a huge wreath for the inside of our front door (to give us that nice evergreen smell in the house, too) -- and it was only $6! (Even Costco marks things down this close to Christmas, apparently.) It's one of the biggest wreaths I've seen. I imagine it could retail for $50, easily.

I did get a couple of things for baking cookies, but the rest will need to come from Freddies. This weekend we tackle it! I can't wait. We haven't done it in YEARS and YEARS. (I have several recipes ready to try, but who knows how many we'll actually do!)

Tomorrow night (after work) we have two social obs (short for obligations) -- going to Angel's house and going to Leslie's house. Marilyn stopped and got bottles of flavored vodka for us to take to them (we don't like to go empty-handed) -- I'm grateful she remembered to do it! (We won't get a chance tomorrow, for sure.)

I raced today to finish up the eNewsletter that needed to go out. I'm happy to report it went before 5:00 p.m. I was pleased with the header banner and the colors. It was pretty short, but seemed to take more time that I would have liked. Maybe because I haven't coded one since September... (I'm not sure it's standing up to my award-winning status, but it's DONE, so that's fine by me.) Now I need to code News for the website (four pages per item -- and I have two items that need to go up).

Work in the office tomorrow -- and so much to do! Well, I'd better get back to today's work...

delete key

Facebook Update? No Thanks!

I've been trying to figure out for ages how to get rid of the Facebook update feature for my blog.

I finally took the time to check the FAQ (duh, Charlie) -- and it was an easy fix.

No, I don't want to update Facebook with my LiveJournal blog entries, thanks!

And now I won't be prompted for every single entry, now that this 'helpful' (???) feature has been disabled.

About time I fixed that...