November 14th, 2009

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Shopping Trip with Sister Sue

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I took a trip to Wal-Mart with sister Sue suzy_qp today to get oodles of things! We hadn't been grocery shopping in ages, but we also needed a bunch of other stuff, too.

The store was so hot we were DYING while shopping! A salesperson told me this was because Arkansas controls their heating unit (???) for them! When they hear a weather report of snow at 1,000 feet, they blast heat in the stores. How stupid is that???

Anyway, it was fun to hang with Sue, who we haven't seen much of recently. She even came in and saw how we've organized our home office (she was impressed) and had salsa and chips with us.

It was nice to sleep in and have a long nap later in the day, too. Tomorrow we're back to work, to get things packed for the move next Friday!