November 7th, 2009

rainy field

Winds and Our Deck Umbrella -- And Stuck the Oil!

Remember the wind I mentioned yesterday? (Well, Thursday, to be exact.) It was pretty bad. And today when I looked outside I saw our large deck table (glass topped) thrown upside down on the deck -- and the umbrella lying way in the corner of the yard, off the deck and near the rock garden.

Here's what it looked like right after we got it last year (summer, 2008).

Deck Umbrella - 1

Deck Umbrella - 2

Deck Umbrella - 3

Deck Umbrella - 4

Deck Umbrella - 5

For whatever reason, I don't seem to have any umbrella photos from this summer (after the deck got painted). Anyway, the print matches our cushions, as you can see. We were really lucky to find it -- and it's probably IMPOSSIBLE to ever find this one again.

The umbrella frame was badly bent -- I couldn't even put the umbrella down it was so messed up. I bent it straight and one spine broke. The good news is that the cover (in the print that matches our cushions) did come off the frame, so hopefully we can put it on another frame (if we can find the exact one, of course). The other possibility is that we can somehow solder the metal. (It's only one spine, so it might not really matter -- I guess we'll know next spring!

Anyway, I put the cover away in the garage, and after I got the umbrella frame folded down, I put it in the garage, too.

Then I picked up some of the chairs out in the yard. I need to do a lot out there, but I need to feel better first -- and it's supposed to be lousy weather most of the coming week.

I also stuck the oil -- and this was good news! We've got 250 gallons! So there's no need to order again for ages. (woo hoo)

We had pizza again today (yummy). And we've watched a bunch of TV and movies. It's all good...

We'll be missing the special Woodburn Company Stores Shopping Extravaganza that both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have $25 tickets for, I'm afraid. Too bad -- we were both looking forward to it. Oh well. That's the way it goes. The flu sucks.

rain sidewalk

Another Stormy Day -- So We Watched TV...

It's been raining like MAD today, with a lot of wind and nastiness. I'm glad we have a lot of oil, so we don't have to worry about that, as it's been rather chilly!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have been watching a ton of TV and movies, as I've mentioned. Today we saw a couple of horror films (I don't recall the names right now).

At one point while Marilyn and I were watching TV downstairs, there was a HUGE CRASH upstairs! We both went running upstairs, and found the table lamp crashed to the floor and broken beyond repair. (It's been broken before, years ago when I was cleaning house. But it wasn't all that bad, so we fixed it and have used it ever since.) This lamp was one of the things we got for our living room when we first moved into our house, so we've had it over 10 years. Here are a few photos where you can see the lamp, which has a green shade, sitting on our end table near the sofa.

lamp - 1

lamp - 2

lamp - 3

We weren't mad at the cats. It was clear one of them was up on the sofa or loveseat and got frightened by a gust of wind and caused the accident. We were just thankful both boys were okay! The floor lamp was also knocked over and leaning against the wall, but unbroken. As far as I could tell, nothing else got broken.

My cat artwork that Marilyn gave me was there on the table, so I was glad it wasn't damaged. But regardless, the cats weren't hurt -- and that's important. The lamp is just a thing, after all...

We're looking for a new lamp, but these are expensive -- and it's hard to make a choice, too. We did love the simple white lamp with the green leaf pattern and dark green shade. I haven't seen anything even remotely like it in the places we searched online...

I cleaned up the mess and am saving the parts for June june_bug_w, in case she wants it to make a lamp with (she's the crafty sort and does make lamps sometimes). So it's possible the only part that needs to be thrown out is the broken enamel.