October 27th, 2009

under the weather

Still Sick. I'm SICK of Being Sick!

I was planning to go in the office today, but instead stayed home and stayed DOWN yet again. (sigh) I'm really SICK of being sick. I just can't seem to shake this bug.

Of course, sister Sue suzy_qp seems worse than I am -- and she's had it longer. So I guess it could be worse. Marilyn mistressmarilyn said she's heard that people can have it as long as FOUR WEEKS (!!!), so...

Anyway, I managed to be up and do my thing all day yesterday, preparing for our Writing Circle gathering of last night. I was coughing pretty bad during part of it, though. And coughing a lot during the night last night and again this morning. (ugh)

The interesting thing is that Sue phoned her doctor and they STRONGLY URGED her NOT to come in. They want people sick with the flu to stay home, unless they have serious complications. My cough is far from serious, so I guess there's no point in going to the doctor. It isn't horrible, just nagging. And I remain tired, so I slept a lot today, again.

Marilyn phoned me for clarification about the computers that needed moving -- and I used my map and Excel list to help me out from home. She was running around for hours this morning with the movers, getting stuff out of there. She told me she was in a terrific sweat, so when she went to Staff meeting Jeff told her it was cold in there and asked if she needed a jacket. She said everyone was staring at her as she was sleeveless at that point! But she explained how she'd been running around and was overheated. Plus the workmen/movers all stank of sweat -- and the entire building reeked! So she had the outside doors open to try and get rid of the smell!

I'll finish up moving a few things that are still 'in the way' when I do go in, probably Thursday at this point. The new owners will be moving in Friday morning, so there's still time to get the last items out of the way.

And apparently our Recycling Lady who is going to take just everything phoned Marilyn today deathly sick with the flu, too! So we don't know if she'll be able to come after all, and a bunch of stuff may end up in the dumpster we got after all. Marilyn did mention that the stacks of stuff put out in the breeze way had diminished a ton (!!!), so it looks like people are helping themselves, which is a totally good thing. There was a lot of stuff that could be used out there, so who cares who ends up with it? The Recycling Lady was going to make sure most of it was donated, anyway, so...

The papers were officially signed on our end (Jeff and Robert) tonight. And Geoff (the new owner) will sign in the morning. So as of then the building is OFFICIALLY their building. We're having a (very small) party Friday afternoon to say 'Goodbye' to the building, even though we'll be there until November 20 (sharing space with the gracious new owners). Marilyn has Sue B. helping with that, happily -- and she put on quite the spread for this past Saturday (food for both breakfast and lunch for all the volunteers). So we're in good hands! Everyone will meet at around 3:00 p.m., with a ceremony at 3:30. (Not our usual Halloween-type party, but special, anyway.)

It's a little sad to say goodbye to this place. It's been a wonderful home for us and we celebrated our Centennial there. But Marilyn and I have been in many offices, so it's exciting to look forward to a new home, too. I imagine it feels really strange if this is the only place a person has associated with the festival -- but it's the only time in our more than 100 year history that we haven't been located in downtown Portland, so it's great to be going back to downtown again. I think that's where we belong.

I've been reading "The Crusader," by Michael Alexander Eisner, and really enjoying it. It's apparently a book Marilyn picked up at some point, as I found it with some of her hardback books. Personally, I've read very little about Spain (except for a little about Katherine of Aragon, meaning some background on Ferdinand and Isabella, of course), and I've never been a real fan of anything surrounding the Crusades, Spanish or otherwise. That doesn't mean I have no background with the Crusades, though, because you can't love history the way I do and totally avoid reading about them! And the fact that they went on FOREVER means you're bound to touch on them at some point... (smile) The book is out of print, I guess, but still easy to get your hands on. Eisner is an attorney by trade, and this seems to be the only book he's written to date. Let's face it, I do love historical novels.

I guess Carol was out sick today. I have a hunch this will be a bad season for the flu, as I've mentioned before.

By the way, it was COLD today! Winter seems closer than ever.