October 23rd, 2009


WTF? LJ-Cut is Your Friend, LiveJournal.

I find it more than a little annoying when news (an official LiveJournal community that most of us follow) posts an image that breaks my view because it lacks the lj-cut tag.

(I just had to dump a friend out of my Default View because she was constantly doing that, by the way. Not that she was an actual friend or close to me, but it still bugs...)

This is one of my hot buttons, I admit it. I just can't believe news did it. Good grief.

no way lj, lj -- no way

WTF? Viewing in My Journal Style? No.

Since WHEN am I viewing all journals/communities in MY journal style?

Trust me, I NEVER set up that option, ever. Why would I?

So why did I suddenly discover that I couldn't really 'see' the communities I belonged to?

Look, LiveJournal, just because I'm have good times with IT at work doesn't mean I want to deal with this crap right now... (sigh)

Yeah, I fixed this problem -- but it shouldn't have been necessary...


Good Work Day? YES!

I did stay home again this morning (thanks, Marilyn mistressmarilyn), and slept for hours -- which was LOVELY. One of the things about this flu is I've been so tired... (Yes, I am feeling better, thankfully!)

Then Marilyn came home (after the walk-through with the recycling woman) so she could change into comfy clothes and pick me up!

We went back and I got a TON done, which was awesome. I'm glad I got to put in several hours, because it makes facing tomorrow much better for me.

We got some more help today, which was cool. Laura was in and it was GREAT seeing her! Tomorrow there will be a bunch of people helping out, so it should be great.

We got home by around 7:30 p.m., so that wasn't bad at all. We need to be at work by 8:00 a.m. in the morning.

Tonight we ate leftover pizza, but we're already looking forward to tomorrow night, when we plan to have a nice pot of chili!

We've been watching "Joy Ride" (the 2001 movie) on TV, which is entertaining. We started to watch "Mr. Sardonicus" (the 1961 movie) that we'd DVRed before bed last night, but we had to quit to get some sleep. (smile)

I have to admit I could use a nap after all the moving and carrying of computer equipment and other stuff I did this afternoon... I think I'll lie down with a good book and my cats!