October 17th, 2009

melvin briefcase, busy melvin

Packing Office. Rose Planting.

We happily got home around 5:30 p.m. after an extremely busy day at the office. Marilyn mistressmarilyn was working on sorting and packing office files (including our historic files). I worked in the IT Room, IT Workspace and my own cube and made quite a bit of headway.

And in the middle of all this, we had a Rose Planting at the office! (Which turned out really well, by the way.) What a day for plantings -- we had thunder storms and it POURED down rain over and over again. (I'm so glad we didn't attend any but the one at our office, which was held in the breezeway to avoid the rain issue.) Sue B. came in and did the hosting duties -- awesome as always! The decorations were wonderful, the snacks were wonderful and everyone enjoyed their visit.

I had to actually leave the planting mid-way and go sit down. I was having stomach pains and backache on and off all day. I've no idea why, but assume it's left over from having the flu. I was still coughing a bit, but not too bad. And I lifted, packed and carried stuff all over, so not bad! We have a TON more to do, so might go back in tomorrow, which is fine. It's been weighing on me that I needed to get some stuff done the entire time I was out sick.

I brought a bunch of stuff home to go through, so I'll need to tackle that soon.

Have I said recently how much I love Jeff and Robert? They're so sweet to me. It's a real pleasure to work with them.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I spoke to sister Sue suzy_qp at her cribbage tournament. Candy's cat Saxon died on the operating table yesterday. I'm just glad he got to come back home again and spend his last months with the people he loved, in the home he loved, doing the things he loved (like humping stuffed animals...). We imagine Candy is very upset about the loss and we certainly know what it's like to lose beloved cats... (sigh)

I really think I've made the turn toward being normal again -- or as normal as I ever get, anyway. (heh) Good thing, with all we need to get done for work right now.

Well, I'm off to bed now. I already had a wonderful, long nap, so I'm feeling very rested! (Poor Marilyn didn't sleep at all and just finally drifted off. She must be beat.)

Gosh, it was HUMID today! We kept opening the doors to let air in because we were so hot and sweating like mad. (yuck)