October 10th, 2009

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Auction Day 2009

Thank God (truly) that I feel much, much better today! (And many thanks to Marilyn mistressmarilyn for insisting I stay home ALL DAY yesterday, so I could rest and feel better. She's the best.)

I seriously couldn't have worked yesterday, even if I'd wanted to. My fever wasn't that high (only just above 101°), but I was so miserable I would just sit or lean without speaking. I ached all over and was stuffed up and had a bad headache and a sore throat. I ate oatmeal in the morning and didn't touch food again until after Marilyn got home (around 9:00-ish, I think). One of the good sides of being sick is having no appetite (smile), but no food in means no energy, so...

My blood count was back in a normal range this morning, happily (it was sky high yesterday and I never even took it the day before).

Anyway, Marilyn and I were at the festival office before 10:00 a.m. and on site at the venue (Montgomery Park) before 10:30 to meet with the company we're using this year to provide our Auction computers, Northwest Auction Support, Inc. (with plenty of time to stop and get Starbucks between the two stops). Jon (the company owner and principal consultant) is AWESOME. He had Tony with him, who is training -- which means he was explaining things in detail to Tony about how it all works. That was cool by me, meaning I got to hear every detail of how they work! (Tonight we'll have both Tony and another tech on site, so that's very cool...)

I can't say how WONDERFUL it was to just sit there and watch them do the entire setup without having to really do a thing. Marilyn and I brought over the big (huge and heavy) surge protectors, and I got the auction software CD and transferred the data from the Server on to a jump drive, but that's ALL I really had to do.

I'd checked with Marilyn yesterday to be sure we had the check to pay Jon today (she was literally running Madhu down in the parking lot to pull her back to run that check) -- I'm glad I remembered that. (And considering how out of it I was, that's saying something.) It just takes TIME to set up the credit card machines that AuctionPay provides (that work with their software), plus to install the software and set the data one the machines (plus network) are set up. We've never had three printers on site before, so that's a plus! They use laptops, so that works great (less pain that our big old towers). I couldn't be more thrilled than I am, truly.

Last year was a nightmare. Kent couldn't be there and David was useless. I had to run for things and ended up doing much of the actual work -- so I was annoyed that we had to pay them just because he was there. I mean, if I'm setting up and breaking down and doing the networking and install and data transfer, then WHY am I paying YOU??? That's crazy.

I only looked at the Silent Auction part while I was there. But I found a couple of things I'd like to bid on. (smile) There are two more of the Tribal Cat dishes (that I recently showed HERE), so I'd love to have them, which would give us a set of six (nice for when people are over). According to Arthur, the artist can't do the work anymore, which is a shame. There are several pieces of her stuff and to be honest I'd love to have ALL of it!

Well, I need to go and sew the tiara on Marilyn's cowboy hat (grin) and then I'll take a short nap. I still need to iron my clothes for tonight, but that should be fine.

We're ending up using my personal laptop for the PowerPoints tonight. Marilyn said the Appeal PP wouldn't play worth a damn on the 'Presentation' laptop. It was donated to us and is pretty much crap -- though it can certainly end up being used as our Audit laptop (to go on site for parade band results and WFV auditing...). Marilyn and I want to buy yet another of the laptops from Buy.Com to use for future PowerPoint Presentations. At that price, why not?

I'm excited for people to see the PowerPoint tonight! And I'm also excited that we're going to play it at our Fall Board Meeting. I figure we should be using these for more than just the Auction, considering the amount of work that goes into them.

Well, that's probably it for today. We'll soon be at the Auction and probably won't get home until past midnight. (Marilyn discussed it in her entry HERE.)

And, as Marilyn said, I hope we make a lot of $$$ tonight -- because we need it! Please keep your fingers crossed for us, will you? Non-profits count on things like our Auction to make budget and keep on keeping on...

I'm so happy I feel better. What a difference a day makes! Let's hope this remains true. It's a tough and busy night, but I'm hoping it will go smoothly and I won't get worse after this. Thankfully I can spend tomorrow in bed, if need be.


Hat? It's Ready! (grin)

I just attached the tiara to Marilyn's mistressmarilyn cowboy hat -- and it looks darling! (It was harder than I'd expected, but actually probably easier than it should have been. So I'm not complaining.)

I so need to take a photo and post it here!

And I just did that, so here it is:
Marilyn's cowboy hat -- 2009 Auction

Cute, huh?

Now I need to get some good pictures of her wearing the hat to share...

It is sooooooooo nap time.


The 2009 Auction is Over!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn donated $1,000 to the Auction Appeal -- she's just so generous it floors me. But you know what? The festival has been good to us and we love it. And we want to support it in every way we can. So it's all good.

I need to download and share photos of us in our Auction garb. I think we both looked pretty good, and we both got a lot of compliments, which is always nice.

Okay! I did exactly that -- so here we are with sister Sue!

2009 auction three sisters

Didn't Sue end up darling in her outfit? Marilyn is wearing the hat I posted earlier, plus her fabulous glitzy jacket made for rodeo court types. I've got on a cowboy shirt covered in fringe, a pink and silver badge and handcuffs. (Unfortunately, you can't see my pants with the pink embroidery at the bottom or my cowboy boots with the pink roses!)

Well, everyone seemed to be having a good time at the Auction and buying a lot of things. I'll be interested to see how we ended up and if we made budget on the event. The appeal raised $25,000, so that was a good thing.

We had a glitch with the PowerPoint. The first time it started there was no sound (!!!). So Marilyn had to run over there and stop it (duh!) and get it re-started. Not perfect by any means, but oh well. (At least when we play it at the Board Meeting it should go well...) It's frustrating to spend so much time on something and have it screwed up, but that's the way it goes. I'm over it. Hopefully people liked it, anyway.

The Ropin' Roses theme was popular, with almost everyone wearing something cowboy-like. Lots of fun outfits! I'll try to share more photos soon.

The company we hired did an AWESOME job! I'm so thrilled about that.

I started this entry while we were still in the office (taking back the data to upload to the Server). We're home now (it's past 1:00 a.m.) and both beat. I think we'll head to bed...