September 8th, 2009

fun - spinning ball

Bowling -- Great Fun!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn, Mitch and I had a BLAST going bowling tonight! They had a special on: Play three games and get the fourth free.

We shared a pitcher of Bud light beer (Mitch had a coke), plus we had a couple of snacks.

Marilyn was pretty good. Mitch and I sucked, but it was all just such fun! The scores didn't matter at all.

The two guys playing near us were very friendly. One of them was a mute, but he managed to get things across really well with his hand gestures. (They hadn't played in twenty years, but seemed to be having as much fun as we were.)

In fact, everybody we encountered seemed friendly and nice.

We really want to go and play again. It was something really different to do. And who knows? We might even improve if we played now and then. (It had been well over a year since Marilyn and I had gone -- and longer for Mitch.)

Unfortunately, Sue suzy_qp didn't get better, so she couldn't go along. But maybe next time, as I do believe there will be a next time.

We still hope to go to the beach during this week. And maybe go rock hunting with Mitch, too.

And we'd like to play more tennis, weather allowing. It's supposed to get better now, after these days of rain and cooler weather.

I still can't believe we were bowling until past midnight! What fun.

Life is good.