September 7th, 2009

sister sue

Starbucks with Sister Sue (and Setting Up Her Facebook!)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I went with sister Sue suzy_qp to Starbucks, taking along our laptops. While there I helped Sue set up her Facebook account (finally).

I gave friend June june_bug_w a Facebook lesson last night (on her bday). And I gave Sue a short lesson today. So they should both be a bit more ready to join in the fun there...

Of course, I don't begin to use Facebook all that much myself! LiveJournal is always my first choice, with Facebook a distant second. And I never seem to go to MySpace (just not a big fan). I guess I can only spread myself so thin, after all...

I just had Henry (my cat) lying on my chest for a couple of minutes. Then I put him down. Then he begged to be picked up again! So now he's lying in my lap purring. (smile)

After going to Starbucks, we all headed down to Sauvie Island to visit Kruger's.

We had hot dogs and roasted corn (yummy)! Marilyn and I have eaten there before, and we wanted Sue to get the chance to try it. We were a little late, considering the holiday. Tons of people were there and had been there all day long, so they were running out of food...

Sue also bought some of the homemade mini-donuts and gave one each to Marilyn and me. These are decadent!

So we're back home and watching the U.S. Open (tennis) on TV and messing around online and playing games. Same old, same old, in other words. (grin)

Marilyn and I were just discussing naps -- and how 'exhausting' today has been. (Yes, we're kidding...) Vacation is tough work, clearly!

I'm still thinking about that nap. Maybe I'll lie down with one of the many good books I'm reading right now -- and if I end up dozing, it's all good!


Bowling? Yes!

It's currently 8:30 p.m. and Marilyn mistressmarilyn just suggested we go bowling!

I phoned sister Sue suzy_qp and friend Mitch and they were both up for it!

So as soon as Sue gets here, we'll go pick up Mitch and head over to Hollywood Bowl.

Sue was in her jammies, so she needed to change and grab a bite. Mitch just ate, so he was ready to go. But even though Marilyn and I haven't really eaten, they've got quite a menu there, so we can always eat when we get there! And they've also got WiFi (will we take our laptops???).

I can't recall the last time I went bowling, but it just sounds like something different and fun to do...

Before that I was half-napping and reading my book in my bedroom. Marilyn was watching tennis and playing computer games. I got up without really falling asleep and was sort of watching the tennis, but not too into it. I can't wait to run off and bowl -- it's just so random!

Marilyn just said we need to do another foursome trip to the beach (to play more Fascination, I assume) -- and that we'll discuss it tonight. (heh)

Wow, vacation -- and the entire summer -- has been such a grind...


I'm finding this so amusing and silly and fun -- and we haven't even left yet!

Sue just phoned and is sick after eating (often happens) -- I hope she can settle down her stomach (!!!) so we can still go. Anyway, I'm off to get ready!