September 2nd, 2009

blood drop

Diabetes Class (Yesterday).

Class was fine. Not what I expected, though. (I'd asked Marilyn mistressmarilyn on the way over if she thought they'd have PowerPoints or videos... Right.)

But we learned two new things -- and if we learn even one new thing each week, I guess it's worth attending.

They never gave us even one break in a two-hour session. As an events person, I can tell you that's BAD management. And the room we were in is TINY. Just chairs, no table for taking notes (or using a laptop). Marilyn found it very claustrophobic. How could we NOT? They have a tiny lobby, and that's where 'class' met. There was a wobbly wipe off board that they wrote on and erased. There was only one other guy in the class (Bill). Poor Bill couldn't seem to follow a thing that was being said. He'd been diagnosed in December/January and on meds since then -- but didn't get a monitor until recently! (How does THAT work?)

It's hard to imagine three more two-hour sessions (what all will they cover???), but whatever.

fun - spinning ball

Fun Tuesday! (And Plans for Tomorrow... Maybe.)

Yesterday was fun! After class got over (not fun), we came home and played computer games. And we really had fun playing Zuma and Escape Rosecliff Island (our two faves). Marilyn mistressmarilyn got a new high score for the latter...

And we watched U.S. Open Tennis on TV -- always a good thing! There were some good matches yesterday.

Then late last night we went and got Taco Bell -- and took off for a ride. We drove up the Gorge, listening to music (on our iPod) and singing along (sometimes really loud). It was a BLAST!

We didn't get home until past 1:00 a.m. -- which is fine, considering we're on vaca.

We're thinking about going to Wildlife Safari and doing the Elephant Car Wash -- an all-new feature this year. It sounds like tons of fun to us, and well worth the $20 fee. "Safari staff say it's a creative way to raise money in a struggling economy." I'd adore taking photos to share (if they'll let me). (Or even making a vid.)


Free Southwest Airlines Ticket, Anyone?

PLEASE only reply if you're able to use this ticket BEFORE September 18 -- which is when it expires. Thanks!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has an extra Southwest Airlines (ONE only) that we're willing to give to one of our online friends to use. Obviously there are only two weeks available to use it. It's one of their Green Luv (must ride) passes -- which are awesome to use. (She gets these as part of her payment for the work she does for the festival -- actual, she used to get them.)

It's a round-trip ticket for any place Southwest Airlines flies -- I've linked their site above. (Note that it's really easy to make reservations with them, either via their website or on the phone. I usually find the flight I want on their website, then phone them and use that info...)

I'll screen replies, so you can feel free to say whatever you want to this entry. We decide based on first-come-first-served basis. I'll edit and let you guys know when it's no longer available.

Sorry for the short notice -- we both know two weeks (a bit over) isn't much time, but we just thought we'd make the offer.

So if you've got the ability to take a trip in the next two weeks and would like the ticket, reply and I'll give you more details.

Go for it!