August 31st, 2009


Plumbing Emergency. (sigh)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I had a plumbing emergency this afternoon.

I was out in the kitchen cleaning up. I loaded the dishwasher and then decided to use the garbage disposal to get rid of some old zucchini. I was only putting in small pieces, but suddenly it blocked. BAD. And this was both sides of the sink, plus it was backing up into the dishwasher! (Which I knew because I had it open to load.)

So much for being good and working in the kitchen! I should have stuck with playing computer games. (heh)

I called our usual plumber, but they couldn't get someone here until Wednesday. They recommended another place. I phoned, but they couldn't get anyone here until tomorrow (maybe). They recommended a third place. I called and was put on hold. Then I get a call, so I dump the hold and answer. It's the second place calling me back.

She tells me that one of the guys had come in from the end of his day while she was talking to me and felt sorry for us. She asks if we found anyone, and when I say 'no' she says he's ready to come right out! Thankfully!

He was there within 45 minutes and working away. You should have heard the noise! He made the most noise during the Opening Ceremonies of the U.S. Open (tennis) -- right during Andre Agassi's speech! This struck both Marilyn and me as really funny (considering we'd been waiting to hear him), so we're were laughing so hard we were both crying. Crazy.

Actually, it was good that it happened. George (the plumber) had to replace one pipe entirely. It was old and both rusted and corroded -- a real mess. He put in plastic, so now we're good to go. Not only that, but he was inexpensive (as these things go).

I did ask him about using the garbage disposal, and he advised AGAINST it. Or as he said, "Or just keep using it whenever you want. But be sure to add us to your speed dial." So that's the LAST TIME I'll ever use the disposal, which I've never been comfortable with in the first place.

When I think what a pain the disposal has been! First, having it installed WRONG, meant we got a dishwasher we didn't need. (sigh) When they put in the dishwasher, they dented our kitchen floor in several places (we should have had their asses, but we let it go). And now this.

I spent my life being suspicious of disposals (probably because my mom always was, for similar reasons). And I've ended up back where I started, I guess. (smile)

Well, I'm thankful for the new, improved pipe. We would have had issues with it soon or later, anyway. So that's a good thing. And Marilyn and I never lose a moment to laugh over something, bad or not. Another good thing.

I'm also delighted we could get same-day service. That was a miracle, especially considering how late in the day this happened (around 3:00 p.m.). I've added the new company to my cell phone and will keep them in mind in the future.

I thought it was cool that my life-long company referred them -- and when I asked them for a referral, the first thing they did was refer my life-long company back! As Marilyn says, they don't really have competition -- there's more than enough work to go around all the time! How true. And when you need a plumber, you really NEED one.

It makes me smile to think how my dad would have treated the situation. He'd have tried to fix it several times. He'd probably have taken some plumbing apart -- and turned off the water for hours on end. When things were an even bigger mess, he'd have made us put up with it for weeks (or even months) on end. I recall he did that at one point years ago. We were washing our DISHES in the shower! (Talk about a mess.)

I love that I got a 'can do' attitude from my dad. But I'm grateful that when something goes wrong we can simply call an expert to fix it...