August 27th, 2009

computer, computer monitor

Work, Sister Sue, Marilyn, Sue B. and MORE...

My damn poor desktop (home) computer has ISSUES. I'm hanging on, but can't wait until Ron has the time to WORK ON IT (please, please, please). We've tried to get him here (meaning both him and me), but it never seems to happen. He's very tied up with his kids as the house husband...

Anyway, this morning was a NIGHTMARE. I thought I had a major PROBLEM with my computer, as I couldn't use Remote Desktop (which we often call Remote Access) to connect to work. That makes it tough (and sometimes impossible) for me to do my job.

After HOURS of messing around with my home computer -- and having Paul recycle the power on the routers at work and restart my office computer -- I discover I CAN connect to other office computers. So that's what I've done (as during the off-season we have extras). I guess the issue is actually with my computer there. (sigh)

I'll be in the office again tomorrow, so I can figure it all out for myself. (It's difficult to walk someone else through the steps via the phone. I've done it many, many, many times, but it's never ideal.)

Meanwhile, I haven't been working on the eNewsletter (which is thankfully close to done at this point anyway). Nor have I been doing the TONS of website work I need to do. Oh well!

Sister Sue suzy_qp went to her hair appointment this morning -- and came by so she and I could go to Starbucks after (and to drop off a card for Sue B. and a book for me to read). I picked up hair color while out with her, so I can color my hair (which really needs it!).

By the way, I made a hair appointment for tomorrow (12:15 p.m.) with Dorine (my hairdresser). Thank heaven! My hair needs cutting, too.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is currently home to work on the festival bylaws. She's been texting Sue B. in the hospital, where she's recovering from her hip surgery. I did that a couple of times, too. (smile)

We have a big surprise for Sue B. tomorrow. We're making her a basket (she's FAMOUS at the festival for making baskets for us) that has hip-related items inside. (Like Marilyn got her the DVD "Shadow Dancers Vol 3. Platinum Honeys of Hip Hop" -- funny, huh? And I got her the game "Hungry, Hungry Hippos." It's all items like that.) Our sister Sue gave us a walker that we're going to decorate really cute. Then we're taking cards and everything else over to her tomorrow afternoon. I hope she likes it. It's been great fun to come up with stuff!

My count has been really good for days, by the way. Monday they were 122, 128 and 124. Tuesday they were 133, 135 and 134. Yesterday they were 111, 112 and 125. As you can see, these are really even results that are very close, which I suspect is exactly what we want to see. (I'll know more after my classes, of course.) I forgot to check before lunch today (!!!), but this morning I was 121.

Well, I need to get back to work!

My cat Henry has been SO NEEDY today. Thankfully he's hanging around Marilyn right now. He's wanted me to hold him -- and even pack him from room to room (!!!) -- much of the day. (yikes) I love him, but I'm really too busy for this today... (Actually, both cats have been a bit needy lately. I guess they feel autumn coming, in spite of our hot weather! I'm in denial, but cats are always more affectionate in the Fall...)

flag (burst)

R.I.P. Ted (Teddy) Kennedy

His death is not a shock, as he out-lived when it had been predicted he'd die from brain cancer.

But regardless, I'm in denial that he's gone. Much in the same way I'm still in denial that his brothers Jack and Bobby are gone -- yes, all these years later. Some people are larger than life. It's almost unthinkable that they can die...

Ted Kennedy
Edward Moore Kennedy
Ted (Teddy) Kennedy
February 22, 1932 – August 25, 2009

The younger brother of John (Jack) F. and Robert (Bobby) F. Kennedy, Ted served as United States Senator from Massachusetts (and was a member of the Democratic Party). He was in office from November 1962 until his death, serving NINE terms in the Senate.

Without a doubt he was one of the most influential leaders in our history, able to cross party lines to accomplish his goals.

The Kennedy family had a huge influence on both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and me from a young age. (Yes, I do remember where I was the day JFK was assassinated -- and where I was when RFK was shot, as well. We cried for three days straight for our beloved Bobby...)

My sister Sue knew Ted well and got to meet with him many times. She said she'll never forget being in his home with his current wife Victoria while in Washington, D.C. for the inauguration of President Clinton. Sue and I talked at length about Ted, knowing what a terrible loss this is for our nation...

Ted was known (deservedly so) as 'The Lion of the Senate' -- this due to his long service and his AMAZING influence (more than 300 bills he and his staff wrote were enacted into law). He played a MAJOR role in passing important laws which included a variety of topics: civil rights, immigration, cancer research, health insurance, AIDS care, education, apartheid, disability discrimination, mental health benefits, children's health insurance and volunteering one of my favorites). Most recently he's been greatly involved with health care reform (something everyone knows I have strong feelings about).

I mourn for his family. I mourn for the loss to our country (and to our world). And I mourn for my own loss. Teddy was like a part of my own family in so many ways...
Kennedy Boys

They're going to put him by Jack and Bobby, and I was trying last night to picture where exactly that would be. Seeing their graves was a very emotional part of my own visit to D.C. years back. Ted is out of pain and reunited with his brothers, and that's how I want to picture him -- and them -- today. All handsome young men, all together.